Eot With the brother, why there, I? ‘jaesuck Yoo similar shape’ which is same even if it sees even if it sees


The doppelganger (Doppelgenger) is the will called ‘the person going around dually’ with German. It means that man happening equally with me exists in the real world in which the mirror is not. ‘the doppelganger (?)’ exists in the people MC Jaesuck Yoo holding in the domestic top 3. Even Jaesuck Yoo similar shape rolls very in ‘international’. Firstly, the photo embrace the drilling dog breeds heats the internet community hotly. The netizens sent the look of the doubt (?) but the actual ‘jaesuck Yoo is not’ was revealed to have the domestic one animal hospital Park generatrix circle Jang. It became and the sensation which the stumping of election car of one figure is big among Chinese politician. The attached photo center character was due to look exactly like Jaesuck Yoo after the vehicle. All Kkeureot the aspects of one woman which besides is captured by China broadcasting corporation CCTV the attention The relevant women wore till the glasses and made ear eye mouth and nose and atmosphere to come Jaesuck Yoo to mind. The most similar character appears in the movie ‘with the Seuba key forest owner’ of Japan Kuro person opened in 1962 and Kkira A director. The synchronous rate of this actor that smile comes out whenever it sees and Jaesuck Yoo is ‘over 99%’. Moreover, jaesuck Yoo similar shape appeared in the American movie. One female reporter appeared on the movie ‘the step up 2’ and because it looked like Jaesuck Yoo in spite of being the black, the attention was centered. Here, it doesn’t drop out and the actor Shinyang Park the woman’s unpainted face and ‘the vinegar passage’ Pororo is included among in the similar shape in Jaesuck Yoo similar shape category. It appeared on MBC ‘come over of Jaesuck Yoo Kim Wonhui’ in the past and Shinyang Park told “it has been misunderstood by Jaesuck Yoo” and induced the smile.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734220.htm, 2018/09/30 07:33:04]