‘gary Player’ OCN highest in history initial chamber eulogy audience rating register and energy of Seongheon Song


‘gary Player’ recorded OCN original highest in history first broadcasting program rating. According to Nielsen Korea, ‘gary Player’ 1 time audience rating broadcasted at last 29th showed the average 4.5% and it put most till 5.3%. The prior OCN, most, the first broadcasting program ratings were 3.9% of ‘the voice 2’. The audience rating of this day Gary Player the first place of time zone like the whole channel including the ground wave was recorded. The player made the top star Seongheon Song stand and the immersion captivated the viewers with the high development. In initial broadcasting, the adhesion relationship of the woman’s unpainted face of the decay power group and public power were revealed and the appearance in which the Gary Player 4 Ibnang Hari Kang (seongheon Song), Aryeong Cha (suchung Chung), Lim Byeongmin (this promise), and Dojinung (wonseok Tae) etc. is mutual understanding was drawn in order to punish this. The president Jahyeong Kwak raising the profit of 20 billion won to the crime which the steel disguising as the prosecutor is stupid was found and the money earned through crime concealment money was freely found out. The Lim Byeongmin sent FALSE text message from this process to the hacking with the bodyguards keeping the hotel room and Dojinung dealt with the group of the president Gwak by the Herculean strength. The next target object of Gary Player is the rich family. The woman whom I acting the intellectual strength rape committed suicide but it was released on the bail. After another women was kidnapped and assaulted, in addition this was shown through the live broadcasting. While the Lim Byeongmin pried into the behind of the intellectual strength outlet, it became to his crime evidence be well known. While the car which this moment players were taking was assailed, this were in the crisis. All Banneun the evaluation that as to player, the acting sly of Seongheon Song changing into the swindler raised the degree of concentration of the audiencesMeantime, two times of player is broadcasted p.m. 10 on 30th in 50 minutes.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734233.htm, 2018/09/30 12:20:27]