Is ‘seasung Ahn’ run alone prevented? Open ‘venom’ of Tom Bottom part on October 3rd.


The Hollywood action movie ‘venom’ opens the domestic before the series of holidays separated by one or two workdays including the National Foundation Day of Korea and 10 month on 9th Hangeul Proclamation Day, and etc. on October 3rd. The movie fans are the situation in which it has to worry if they choose any kind of movie along with ‘seasung Ahn’ or ‘negotiation’ etc. domestic work. Mabeul made the villain the own company movie stood ‘venom’ into the hero primally. The energy which the venom (tom Bottom part) which hits against the attack of the extraterrestrial and in which the reporter following the truth is again born in the villain cannot cope is exercised and the caught action is shown. Tom Bottom part melted the mentality acting suffering the identity confusion within the line and ill will boundary up in the movie. It opens on October 3rd but rises already per B and venom of Tom Bottom part starring is heating the theater district. Venom is having the standard booking rate 1 (29.9%) according to Korean Film Council integrated computer network on 30th this day at 1 p.m. After that, Seasung Ahn is recording the later time 23.7%, negotiation 10.3%, and per person 6%. The accumulated number of spectator is 4.221427 million people of Seasung Ahn until last 29th. Presently, it is running but the gone way is far. Seasung Ahn was included in the total production cost 22 billion won including the marketing expense, and etc. 6 million spectators have to be mobilized to collect this. However, not only venom but also the Korean movie ‘female and male murder’ opens on October on 3rd. Female and male murder are the unique investigation program which is developed into the tight psychological warfare of the detective (kim gloss seat) digging up the truth of the killer confessing 7 murders (the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character) and this confession.
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