The end impression “the work which it will be unable to forget” of 5 people including ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ Lee Byung-hun · Taeri Kim, and etc.


The regretful end impression the lamp which Lee Byung-hun and Taeri Kim, flexibility seat, Minjung Kim, and excrement need was delivered before the TvN drama ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ final episode broadcasting on 30th. Lee Byung-hun who undertakes Marine Corps caption Eugene Choi station and performs enthusiastically sees before ” end, the numerous moments going through the time called spring and summer fall and winter four seasons and year 1 come into mind. ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ coming back to the drama filming site after long interval seemed to be the series of the anticipation and tension, “***” has the interest so far and ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ coming back to the drama filming site after long interval watches enjoyably and thanks really. If the valuable drama which it is memorable to everyone for a long time became to me, it will be good, it told. Because it could engage in the shooting for the period which it shoots “the remembrancer was together accumulated with the pile and the time unawares finishing the 24th long march gets to come, the exquisite feeling gets” to be really happy and be happy, Taeri Kim undertaking the role who is the high child who Joseon was the bornnest in the noble family and who is reborn as the patriotic soldier was so inspected. I was happy. This mind will be delivered to the viewers and it would better appreciate cheerfully till the last episode. The high child specific load Taeri Kim loved so far and it thanked and the high did. The drive love Ae is tied and at the time when sending the art shared ” four seasons, the flexibility seat of the opposite is much a pity. It was one work and the photographic was watched for a long time, seniors and juniors, co-actor/co-actress the director, Jakga, and staff feeling got much. The copper had been being tied because the feeling took out in the same rod very much, it was not easy to leave, It wished to become the character which is like that memorable to the viewers for a long time and “***” imparted the impressions to me. The audience through the lines of ” Hi and expression and consensus it is the Minjung Kim “it is difficult to meet the work which does the life of acting and can have the literary value and degree of box office hit altogether. Because it can do with ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘, it is the honor. It is proud and is happy” of the station where there is Kudoh who plays an active part as Cookik Je literary man personnel it is the hotel glory president The Jeom that it could form thanks most. Nam was missed with the character high and art ” to be ardent for a long time. Joget it remained as the work which is good in memory of everyone it thanked all love the Huisung Kim and ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘ the Byeonyo 한 “if it remembered that people not to should forget through ‘ Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus ‘ served, they will be good” adding the feeling of movement to the pole with Joseon richest Jip young master Huisung Kim station so farIt told all. Meantime, ‘the Miseutteosyeonsya phosphorus’ final episode is broadcasted on 30th at night 9 o’clock. It connects the curiosity of the viewers if how It becomes the Eugene early objection end which walks down the street like the patriotic soldier in order to the magnetism to wear the high child turn on.
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