The general trend Boy group climbed the first place of ‘pop music’ Gasebeun and four medal holders of music broadcasting


The popularity Boy group Gasebeun recorded the first in ‘pop music’ and it rose to four medal holders of music broadcasting. It was the stern and Ro lap, the back was beat with the new musical composition ‘the Reolleo bi’ in SBS ‘pop music’ broadcasted on 30th and Gasebeun earned 1 trophy. The leading honor was born in ‘pop music’ and Gasebeun achieved 4 medal holders after this week ‘M countdown’ and KBS2 ‘music Bank’ and MBC ‘show Music Core’. Therefore, they got to rise high as the general trend Boy group. ‘the Reolleo bi’ of the Gasebeun is showing the feeling of the love which feels sweet and is happy with the pop tune of the being almost similar DIP house line in which the since sound is the feature in the housekeeping. Gasebeun is getting many loves on this tune as much as the top is occupied in the overseas 26 local Aittyunjeu including not only domestic but also Hong kong, Brazil, Finland, and etc. Meantime, malee Oh girl, Nora team, cut impact, space girl, JungDong Ha, girl of this month, Deurimkaechyeo, Kimyung bureau, Beullangsebeun, Park girl, Jangiseop, Milra Kka, Ruchenteu, Wigeolseu, S.I.S, and etc. appeared in this day ‘pop music’ including Gasebeun and the stage was decorated.
source : [, 2018/09/30 21:09:11]