The personal connections showing off “heungmin Sohn comes so that it can see my show” that crush is splendid


It reveals close to be Heungmin Sohn who the singer crush leads the football victory in 2,018 Asian Game and between and his splendid personal connections is catching the lights. The crush opened its own daily life in MBC variety program ‘the battery time of interference’ broadcasted on 29th. ” where?The crush makes the call in the broadcasting to somewhere Indonesia? Do you come in this evening? Was the national athlete called? It threw a question to the opponent. After that, it suffered. ㅇ informed the fact that the relative is Korean national soccer team hand fun Min, saying that it was the fun Min. As to crush, ” Minlee Seong is the gold medal the other next day in the Asian Game. The athlete’s life was done in London and when being lonely, my song said be listened and It says become the comfort much. My show came to be watched 2 years ago. At that time, it appeared and contacted so far and told. Two hands is gathered and it stands in a row in the photo which 2 people takes 2 years ago and the camera at is looked. The crush is suffering the Tottenham Hotspur FC uniform, that is the belonging team of the hand fun Min. The crush did the word which it seems to be jealous “heungmin Sohn seems to meet frequently with the Ryujun ten brother if these days Instagram is watched” in another article talents MBC everyone ‘video star’ and the chisel attempted the attention.
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