Risky, the secret romance ‘the anticipation watch’

It attends this Hye-ran who the actor Woojae Choo and Eunhye Yoon, ceiling order, Changwan Cho director, and actor heartburnings is pretty and MBN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the anticipation watch’ production presentation which the cover Korean translation of Chinese character (from the left) opens in the Seoul Gangnam-ku imperial palace Dube hall in the afternoon on 31st and the photo time is taken. If it is acquainted with the doctor Woohyun Cha (the ceiling order) which doesn’t believe the love, the new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the anticipation watch’ of MBN becomes the first broadcastings by the drama drawn the stomach romance of the top star Yoochung Yoon (eunhye Yoon) who is the love fool at the evening on 31st at 11 o’clock.
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‘the age of 92’ Songhae and day marrying a woman The bride the entire circumference

‘to chant and marry a woman’ event function which the broadcaster Songhae and talent entire circumference opens in the Jongno in Seoul Rakhui street in the afternoon on 31st reappeared the traditional wedding. The traditional wedding was held and Songhae and entire circumference performed bridegroom and bride parade in this day event which is held by the part of ‘the Rakhui street festival’ in which the Chong-ro district ward office hosted and which the social company Co Chueogeulpaneun theatre supervises. ‘the Rakhui distance’ is the dandled culture specialization distance which is created in the Nakwon shopping center till the Pagoda Park in 2016.
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The eyes circle and ‘the click Star Wars’ rising star on 3… the rank ‘with a jump’

The group eyes circle occupied ‘the click Star Wars’ rising star on 3 Wi. The eyes circle recorded the site ‘the click Star Wars’ rising star on 3 Wi imparting the idol ranking information on 31st. The third was without a break formed, the wiki Mikki obtaining 3,563 tickets put the wiki Mikki name in Wi from the low rank with 2 in 2 days whether it rose to the rising star on candidate. After that, donghan Kim changing from the project group JBJ member into the solo artist learned the total of 5,825 tickets and it rose per B. The eyes circle is the girl group which is born through the ending Mnet audition program ‘the produce 48’ on last August 31st. It was composed of the winning the first place in the state examination the soul, Miyawaki sakura, Yoori Cho, most example or Ahn Yoochin, Yae sub key Naco, Eunbee Kwon, Kang Hyewon, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., Chaewon Kim, Minchoo Kim, and conspicuous color kite. The interest is concentrated if the first place at can be aimed for the vote period which the completed group eyes circle remains as the nation producer choice. Meantime, the eyes circle released the first mini album ‘COLOR*IZ’ on 29th. It has the music broadcasting debut stage in the Mnet ‘M countdown’ on the first of next month.
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With ‘the triumph fairy’ Kim Huichung opening of a baseball game and Neksen Vs SK game ‘the interest it late’

The sensation is coming to the Neksen opening of a baseball game of the actor Kim Huichung far later. On 31st, all Ppyeolchin the nexen heroes and SK Wyburns the playoff game All Moeun the opening of a baseball game of the Kim Huichung among these called as ‘the Neksen triumph fairy’ the interest The opening of a baseball game did the Kim Huichung in the Korean professional baseball post season nexen heroes and Hanwha Eagles game at last 23rd. The ball was accurately hit in the catcher meat and the Kim Huichung which wore the black pants and crop tower and which it comes out on the opening of a baseball game got the cheer of the audience. In after this day game, neksen broke Hanhwa. It went into the playoff. After that, the Neksen fans named the nickname that it is ‘the triumph fairy’, saying that it was the opening of a baseball game thanks to of the Kim Huichung. The Kim Huichung left the opening of a baseball game confirmation shot in its own Instagram. All Badat the image which the looks played the opening of a baseball game is contained and these interests which is abundant by the looks, and etc. put warmly with the Neksen pitcher Hanhyeonhui The Kim Huichung was appearing on the JTBC4 article talents ‘Eosseompideu’ and the work in which it appears recently was the SBS TV show ‘return’.
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‘in 1, SNS upload only 6 months’ tower, already, the steaming end?

The Idol group big bang (the G-DRAGON, sun, T.O.P, Daesung, and triumph) tower went again into SNS activity. The tower posted many pictures of work of the writer wearing the mark glow on Instagram in the afternoon on 31st. This is the photograph uploaded after the last post which it published last April 2017 on 30th for the first time. The work of the mask Ro chan which it is known with the between where there is the tower and acquaintance usually and Sel car is contained in the photo. The tower revealed the cell Carle taken with the mask Ro chan in 2016. Moreover, it is famous for the art lover as much as it attended the Hong kong Sodeobi special auction as the art curator. It joined the army as the military policeman at February last year but the smoking pot suspicion was revealed far later and the imprisonment 10 month probation was sentenced to the additional fee 12,000 won in 2 and the tower was previously deprived of the military policeman identity. Meantime, the tower for is worked in the Yongsan-gu office as the social service personnel last month from 26th. There is before the calling dismantling in this coming 2019 on June 29th.
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Eunhye Yoon and return whom it droops “the apology was insufficient”… head are succeeded.

The mantissa native actor Eunhye Yoon evoking much criticism returns to the broadcasting to ‘dispute on plagiarism’ in the past. It got attention if the public in which He hanging once head freezes up mind could be and warmed in the front of public, MBN new tree pole ‘the anticipation watch’ production presentation opened with 31 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong imperial palace Dube hall afternoon. It is the drama which makes the imitation scandal into the inside story which it will be unable to do its own unit of measure and which the top actress who is the anticipation watch ‘it is the celibacy impregnable man’ star doctor ‘with’ love supremacist ‘ shows the unpredictable romance getting wider. Eunhye Yoon undertook within a drama long run star Yoochung Yoon role. It is the drama return of about 5 years after ‘the future choice’ in 2013. This day Eunhye Yoon has asked to the apology at the official meeting once because there is the chance before “3 year. It was sorry that it seemed to be the lacking apology, “***” wished the seat much and it aroused criticism once again and the will of the apology was conveyed. My mind throbbed in the word that it is the anticipation watch ‘while ” work is seen with the reason why it selects the return’ anticipation ‘. So, this art was selected. Because there was a lot of the lacking part, it was what that I can do well and the public thought if what for was waited and the romantic comedy got to be made and it revealed. However, when his comeback news is reported, then the public is showing the cold reactoin. Eunhye Yoon is previously seized by the dispute on plagiarism in China article talents ‘the fashion of the credit’ making the clothes in 2015 directly. The public opinion demanded the elucidation at that time but He ran through in the silent. It had the design of the designer who is the god of which the stolen brand is not balanced yet and the losing favor was added. The relevant clothes was sold at 4.9 billion won to the Korean money and was sold through Chinese shopping mall. Eunhye Yoon who doesn’t express the particular standpoint after He attending the domestic clothing brand venue from him after 3 months apologized “cause anxiety and be sorry” but as to public opinion, the ceremony was icily already the behind. He stopped all appearings in TV including the drama in the domestic after the plagiarism dispute. The outcome gets attention if the return in which Eunhye Yoon who comes back to TV after criticizing is successful can be taken.
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It becomes this west wind and PD. The documentary electric conduction in the private life ‘ of the animal

The actor this west wind comes forward by the documentary PD. This west wind agency man entertainment distributed formal report data on 31st and this west wind challenged the documentary director at KBS new article talents ‘the private life of the animal which is secret and great’. This west wind participated from the documentary planning in the trace directly. The overseas shooting was already completed and ‘the private life of the animal which is secret and great’ started into the preparations for broadcasting according to the agency. The professional that shoots the story special of the animal the next child suggests the story special of the Humpback Whale which goes for the filming to French polynesia tahiti and which it is called as the guardian deity on the sea when being the final giant, for in the first broadcasted this article talents, 11, the documentary director on 23rd the month and which lives in this inside of Mother Nature it is beautiful and completes with the mini documentaryIt is the gram. Meantime, KBS 2TV new article talents ‘the private life of the animal which is secret and great’ is broadcasted on November 23rd at Friday night 8:50.
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The cheetah agency “it is difficult to it is right, tell… any more among the passionate love”

All Yeoreot the agency the mouth the wrapper cheetah becomes a hot issue the passionate love fact is opened in the broadcasting directlyThe agency C9 entertainment people concerned of the cheetah cherished the end it was difficult that it told any more when the passionate love confession which it reveals in ” (cheetah) broadcasting on 31st was altogether the individual private life of the fact “***” artist. It was the marriage one passionate love with the premise, whether the same reply was put out in the question if the boyfriend of the cheetah was the authorization. The passionate love fact was confessed and the cheetah appeared on MBC Every1 ‘video star’ which previously over 30th is broadcasted became a hot issue. In this day broadcasting, he brushed off the first meeting anecdote with the boyfriend frankly and the surprise was evoked. The honor from King, the cheetah has the store gone everyday and that place boss installs one day to come quickly now. It was seen as soon as it entered. Because the next seat was just in time vacant, it had a seat, I revealed “***” as the style ” going straight. After that, it tended to have the party in ” house much and the boyfriend party was invited. It knew ‘the mother asked’ doll came on foot if ‘ (boyfriend) was seen to the mom and it does and the boyfriend is proud of the boyfriend. In the meantime, ” limbs had the slender facial form on the skin which has to be long. If it expressed as the entertainer, it spoke as the feel ” which Lee Jong-suk is the same and the envy was incurred. In the meantime, it debutted as the blacklist single album ‘Money Can’ T Buy Me Love’ into the entertainment world in 2010.
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2,018 AAA and ‘the festival of the Byeoldeul’ till the Lee Byung-hun · my humble mind mistake from the BTS· Tteuwaiseu

The stars are all mobilized to 2,018 Asia Artist Awards (2,018 Asia artist awards and under ‘2,018 AAA’). 2,018 AAA’ revealed the formal teaser video. It was preopened on 31st in MTN and the image was inserted after ‘2018 AAA’ official web site and Star news SNS, and etc. In the teaser video, there is the number to read the lineup where it decides on this including the last awards ceremony scene and participates in the awards ceremony. 26 honor the Republic of Korea and Asia teams of singer, 28 actors which has ‘2018 AAA’ in which the Leetteuk and isomerism Jjeum are in charge of MC together. Presently, 20 teams were opened to wanna circle, icon, Tteuwaiseu, Sebeuntin, Geekko, new yeast W, Monstar X, AOA (AO A), smallpox nothing, stern, Gasebeun, seven, space girl, multiplication table, Momo land, snooper, SF 9 (the signal fail court lady), KARD (card), and Chungha. It was Gwak poem which learning Lee Byung-hun, Lee, Yi Junhoh, organ Yong, Dami Kim, Myoungsoo Kim, camp, pearl brother, fatty general purport Korean translation of Chinese character, Ryujun row, flexibility seat, Seolhyun Kim, stingy lewy Ho, leeseunggi, year of swine phosphorus, and most Tae awards. 22 people was revealed to Hyunsu Shin, Idahui, Enson Chung, and my humble mind mistake. According to 2,018 AAA’ public relation agency Y tri company, the world is the equitable way the global Korean wave fan rough based on the object big data. The popularity award of which the reception is determined by the vote of 100% fans among that closes the second vote after the first on 31st. Meantime, ‘2018 AAA’ opens in the global hub CT Namdong-gu in Incheon gym on November 28th.
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The single picture album previously schedule which it is ‘the non-publication cut to emission’ stingy

Repay the love of the fans on the actor damage caused hail battle formation. The stingy agency Co mountain movement distributed formal report data on 31st and launched the single picture album which it is December stingy. As to this picture album, ‘Kkeulleopjinseu’ member who is the formal fan club of the damage caused hail battle formation can purchase. The picture album can meet the appearance which the damage caused hail real intention is various. Especially the one’s own handwriting diary and special edition which the damage caused hail gin is bitter directly is planning to enter this picture album as the gift according to the agency surprisingly. Besides, aspects of the work activity besides including fashion style, and etc are contained usually. The agency told as “if the fans liked the photographs which the love for the damage caused hail gin is contained, it will be good”, saying that it was “the cut which has been rooting for the activity of the damage caused hail battle formation for a long time and which it gathers is planning to be opened through this picture album”. Meantime, the damage caused hail battle formation is planning to have come on November 2nd Japan fan meeting.
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