Because the birthday support 39% achievement… which the huge capture awards is beat, it increases.


‘the birthday support 39% achievement which the capture awards’The site ‘the click Star Wars’ imparting the idol ranking information held the birthday support of the Bakseungjun which the group is big on 1st. The relevant event achieves 39% in the opened Ji quarter of a day and is attracting attention. The birthday market of the Bakseungjun is the global event of which Korea Japan and China fans can take part directly. According to by projects (the point which can be gathered in the site) achievement rate, screen the picture congratulating the birthday of the Bakseungjun in the display panel in many places. Screen the congratulation video in the display panel in the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite near if much 100% is achieved. If it rises per B if much 200% is achieved, introduce the congratulation image to Daeyeok Hong. Expose the image to Apgujong CGV screen along with Japan, two lines of Seoul Subway, and Daeyeok Hong if it reaches much 600%. If it breaks rapidly till much 600%, another gift which ‘the click Star Wars’ prepares is opened. Previously, ‘the click Star Wars’ opens the birthday support of the member Ohuijun and achieves 200% on last April 13th. While the participation of the fans who are abundant in the birthday project of the Bakseungjun is connected after Ohuijun, it is expected if it can succeed for the remained event period. The birthday support of the Bakseungjun can take part in ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the click Star Wars’ homepage I.
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