The big hit shop and bulletproof Boy Scouts formal MD sale The majority thing ‘absence of stock’


The official shopping mall ‘the big hit shop’ of the big hit entertainment in which the group bulletproof Boy Scouts belongs attracts and there is. The world tour formal MD of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was due to go into the sale from 1st. The big hit shop revealed to be “the schedule which the formal MD product will deliver successively from a warehouse from October 8th” on 1st. Instead, the delivery is possible. Presently, it permeated. The luggage tag, tarTo sticker set, mini bag, echo back, hat, Raendeu Ga, and etc. ran out of stock. The big hit shop uploaded the public announcement called the homepage “it is planning to be sold on October 1st Big Hit Shop (the big hit shop) which BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ Official MD (the bulletproof Boy Scouts world tour ‘ rub young fish self official MD) ‘ comes” on the 30th of last month. The formal MD is sold according to the posting till the quenchless from 1st and the premium photo, mini hanging picture, image picket, key ring, and magnet can be purchased till 1 one person Dang option, 1 maximum. The complex purchase for each option is impossible. In addition to goods restricts to the per item one person 3. It can be withdrawn in case the same orderer purchases the several orders with the prior without notice. The bulletproof Boy Scouts is presiding over the world tour concert ‘the rub young fish self’. In come 6 days (local time) New York in USA city field (Citi Field), korean singer presides primally over the stadium exclusive concert.
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