The dynamic duo and audition program ‘Eondeonaintin’ rap director scramble


The hip-hop duo dynamic duo comes forward by ‘Eondeonaintin’ director. It revealed MBC new audition program ‘Eondeonaintin’ pity “the dynamic duo got to be in charge of the rap part director after the vocal team director crush” “because the dynamic duo which the participants at teenager who are creative would like to be under the directing had together, it expects”. After that, the meaning was added, saying that it was ‘Eondeonaintin’ pity “the number in which as to 19, as to of the sense is deep to the dynamic duo” to be “the schedule in which they who are active in 19 year old as Underground hip-hop group (K.O.D) in 1999 and post the anchor on the voyage of the real music see ‘ Eondeonaintin ‘ participants and which recalls this days”. The dynamic duo played an active part as the mentor of the hip-hop program in which it received the support passionate of the hip-hop fans under the musician preparing altogether to the trendy box of the first generation wrapper it was experienced and which was and which is various. The crush is previously in with the vocal team director to give the participation news. The curiosity for the performance team director revealed in the future rises. The Eondeonaintin ‘ is 11 month first weeks first broadcasting schedule where it comes with the audition program for the teenagers to draw the content that it is divided into 3 parts including rap vocal performance, and etc. and selects the champions of each part and gives birth to the next generation idol.
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