‘the heart signal 2’ Hyunwoo Kim and about 10 million won with the third drunk driving


The Japanese restaurant chef Hyunwoo Kim appearing in ‘the heart signal 2’ got the monetary penalty due to the drunk driving. The sports tendency reported on April 22nd dawn around 3 o’clock Jung-gu Ttoegae which Hyunwoo Kim is over on 1st to be required in the nearby in the drunk driving control. The Seoul local district sentenced Hyunwoo Kim to 10 million won monetary penalties on the 20th of last month. Hyunwoo Kim deeply was regretting. The point that it is pledging the prevention of recurrence was revealed in the weighing of offense Sayoo. Hyunwoo Kim was playing the Range Rover sports, that is the leased car, with the secure at that time. And the blood alchol concentration was measured by 0.238% jumping over the blood alcohol level mandating revocation by the drunken state. This time the drunk driving exposure of Hyunwoo Kim is the third. He, as to over on November, 2012 4 million won gotten 8 million won amercements due to the drunk driving in April of the following year. All Moat the interest with Hyunchoo Lim and final couple divine service Hyunwoo Kim got the large-scale love it appeared on the ended general programming channels channel A variety program ‘the heart signal 2’ in last June There was the thing it insisted in which that former girlfriend A Ssi of the Hyunwoo Kim suffered money and valuables by Hyunwoo Kim with the extortion in last August and which it wages the protest, that is 1, against. With respect to this, “there is no occasion borrowing the money but if it will be how difficult, it will be like that but as it asks to want, occasion would like to give” the position is revealed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734302.htm, 2018/10/01 15:54:14]