The mighty mouse Syo Ri and girlfriend and 11 month marriages loved passionately in 1 (formal)


The hip-hop duo mighty mouse Syo Ri joins in the married man rank. The Syo Ri people concerned told on 1st, “it is right to November 3rd which it comes with the people girlfriend get married” “because of when will do the preparation well, if it treated with favor, it will be good”. The Syo Ri keeps the working which is active after getting married and is planning to catch the work and family 2 numbers rabbit up to altogether. The people concerned asked that it revealed to be “one to keep the activity still” and the pass asked to be expected afterward. The Syo Ri gets married after love passionately of the people girlfriend and year 1. 2 people planned the quiet small wedding. The Syo Ri debutting as the hip-hop duo mighty mouse in 2008 went side by side the performance activity. He appeared on the drama ‘triangle’ ‘in prison’ ‘the thief Nim’ etc.
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