‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ and favorable comment single color sad ending…’The distortion ‘ the flaw in crystal


‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ getting the expectancy and concern in one body got the favorable criticism of the audience and prevented ㄴ of the denouement was young. The scenes of debate are the pity it is unable to correct yet. The cable channel TvN Saturday drama ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ (the script Kim Eunsuk · direction Eeung good luck) ended p.m. 9 on 30th of last month. ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ drew the thing it boarded the warship in the Shin-mi double-concave (1,871) and in which falling one boy came back as American social position of soldier to U.S.A to the homeland Joseon and which was stationed and which gets wider. The love of the patriotic soldiers and course was put earnestly. All Badat the interest which the drama is great as the combination of the actors having the great acting ability including the getting back together of Hanbeon Tto, Minjung Kim, it needs Lee Byung-hun Taeri Kim flexibility seat side area and etc. after ‘the descendant of the sun’ ‘the goblin which feels lonesome and is brilliant’ of Kim Eunsuk writer and Eeung good luck PD from the broadcasting The curiosity which is big in the Jeom that it is the first period plaies of Kim Eunsuk author getting the large-scale love of the viewer as the majority work was attracted so far. However, the concern was great as much as the expectancy was big. The handicap was in the historical research which is perfect because of setting in ‘latter era of the Choson Dynasty’ of which there is not a lot of the historical feed. Wouldn’t you know it, the drama was seized by the various disputes after the lid opened. Firstly. The intelligence that it smells of the seem atmosphere that the opening part this teleopteile (uisung Kim), as to the scene, and etc. proposing the operating Ho case in advance attribute Japanese invasion cause to Ito Hirobumi towards Joseon, intelligence, and etc. that it tied the copper and the establishment that (the flexibility silicon dioxide flower) is Ryonghoe Heuk Sunggee Han manager seems to beautify the pro-Japanese were continued. Because of starting to featuring the shooting at September last year and progressing to the pre-production, the flip is all the contents of drama the difficult place. Only, the copper was tied and the indication toward the character was accepted and the establishment was revised and ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ for was officially apologized with the written apology. As the development was repeated, the hot fight of the patriotic soldiers drew deeply and ‘distortion of history’ problem died down naturally. ‘it is not immersed’ had the eye line in the loveline between Lee Byung-hun whom 20 years old age gaps appear actually and Taeri Kim. However, it emitted light so that the special feeling exceeding the simple love based on the time situation and patriotism of the characters can be ardent and the emotion was delivered to TV. The base has to come to the prologue where there is the density and lines. However, remarkable the remarkable acting ability of Lee Byung-hun and Taeri Kim installed the large contributing. The large-scale lights was unable to be caught but the viewer was immersed in the process where it makes the life of the remembering patriotic soldiers the straw Eo against. The history and I at were looked back and the favorable comment was sent. ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ signed on-line movie streaming service Netflix and broadcast right contract distributed to 130 countries of world. The beginning dispute scenes scratched the crack in the whole percentage of completion. The Jeom that this kind of content meets the whole world drama fan leaves the sense of frustration. As to the polyline of the drama was assumed to come ‘total’ ‘glory’ ‘the sad end’, that is the English vocabulary which first the Ae (taeri Kim) learns with the end in which 4 people passes away among the star. However, the message of the hope that it is the pole “the family young fish gain in the homeland which becomes independent” was given. The Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus ‘ final episode (24 times) recorded the first place of audience rating among the average 18.1 % (under Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and whole channel program which the self highest ratings and same time zone are most broadcasted to 20.0%.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734270.htm, 2018/10/01 11:36:04]