The voluntary dismissal of lawsuit.3 day normally open ‘female and male murder’ bereaved family and apology are gotten (formal)


Female and male murder family of victim received the apology from the manufacturer actually and the film ban injunction suit was withdrawn. As to the movie ‘female and male murder’ (the supervision Kim Taegyun), it becomes the normally open as scheduled on the coming third. The attorney of the family of victim revealed on 1st, “the actual family of victim (the wealth, people, and sister 2 the bright light the total 4 the people) of the movie ‘ female and male murder ‘ withdrew the injunction suit including movie film ban, proposed on the 20th of last month and etc”. After that, it told “it apologized for the Jeom which came in the surviving family directly and which the film studio (the corporation film 295) is unable to consider adequately in the production process. It was late but the bereaved family decided to accept the apology which the sincerity of the production crew is young”. The attorney explained “the bereaved family, as to the bereaved families which are different on the movie ‘ female and male murder ‘ were want the showing. The sympathy was expressed to the film production purpose that this movie raises the sense of alarm of female and male murder crime and it expressed to inspect about apologizing”. In the meantime, it added “there was no condition, by all means, the bereaved family decided to withdraw the injunction suit in the mind which the victim of female and male other crime wishes not to appear”. The bereaved family installed previously the provisional disposition application for the ban of screening against the movie ‘female and male murder’. As to bereaved family, 99% reenacted equally the case occurring in “the personal rights of the victim who It becomes the deceased on was infringed” the year 2,007 Busan. It asserted as the interrogation ” whether really this film could consider as the creation. After that, it could be said to be “even though the Show Box (‘ female and male murder ‘ distributor) expected enough the considerable mental stress and to undergo the pain, one the Show Box asked never once for the motion or but had not discussed the surviving families before the manufacture” “one which the surviving families get the phrenalgia without the returned number in case the image is sent as it is”. The Show Box revealed “when ask, the killer ‘ is the area of the creation generally comprising in the movie with the daily occurring meterial in the society and there is no need that legally it gets the agreement of the surviving family” the position even when being “the apology offers prior to the defense that it doesn’t get the agreement of the surviving family and the film studio shoots”. After that, it explained to be “one which ‘ female and male murder ‘ focuses the confession without the believed number in which the criminal victim is not on one criminal and detective who is stupid it is stupid and tactless”. ‘female and male murder’ are the crime misfire pole dealing the story of the detective who believes the murderer and confession confessing 7 murder of the addition in the jail and follows the case. Kim did gloss seat play a role of the detective, the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character played a role of the murderer?
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