‘Eondeonaintin’ 57 people participant profile shooting completion ‘seriously, the flare’


MBC new audition program ‘Eondeonaintin’ started into the real shooting. ‘Eondeonaintin’ revealed 2 days “the profile photographings of the make the appearance on a program the decision participants at the teenager was hosted at last first”. Pair the rap and vocal, performance each the part much 19 the people, and total 57 people of participants released the talent which each has in the profile shooting according to the people concerned. ‘Eondeonaintin’ deep-rooted boil the soul PD was the field which ” teenagers hold and where it stands out to be fresh. Even if the talent and talent which 57 people will show was expected, it was good, it told. ‘Eondeonaintin’ designated Mentor of each part as ‘director’ as the audition program taking care of the teenager and notified new audition program different from the before in advance. In this program, the consecutive the splendid director lineup is opened in the crush and teenager in which It becomes the vocal part director of the life first audition program including the rap part director dynamic duo starting the music. ‘Eondeonaintin’ is planning to be broadcasted in come 11 months first weeks for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734351.htm, 2018/10/02 10:18:37]