‘fake degree’ dispute… issue three of Aera Shin


The actor Aera Shin (49) was at the center of ‘the fake degree dispute’. The debut is the round and constantly beloved actor in 32 and it is him who the example of the others changes into ‘the leading couple’ with the husband Cha In-pyo at the same time. It is the Geurae Seo. The reaction that this adverse criticism surrounding Aera Shin approaches more as the shock is the majority. Aera Shin the beginning of the case is the appearance on the stage lower-part Seo on SBS variety program ‘the home phloem integration’ on the 23rd of last month. He revealed through this day broadcasting that it rose to the airplane to America to further education there 4 years ago. ” present doctorate course is and gone through. The suffering which is abundant by the grownup apprentice foreign student was done but the home clerk (education) doctor course was explained as the completion middle ” this through the psychology, counseling study, and pedagogy. As to He, the studying started at the mid-forties through the broadcast was the successive of the beyond ones power challenge. However, it said that it didn’t giving up to the end and is concentrating on the studies and it was dirty, the unlike other people pride was done. At the same time, the difficult works are without reservation expressed. But after the broadcast went out, many netizens suggested the apprehensions in relation with the university ‘the Hijeu university’ (HIS UNIVERSITY) that Aera Shin is going through the doctor course and started. It is the booter while the captain called the place where the pertinent university gets the official approval the Ani is brought up due to the local Koreans community center. ‘fake degree’ dispute these insist It checked in detail what this reason was. ◆ one issue and ‘the Hijeu university’ are ‘the Hijeu university’ in which the authenticated educational facilities approval Aera Shin is going through the doctor course located in the city at California nose. The school, as to about many times gotten the attention since being established in 2003. It is due to be the first educational facilities which the korean forms. The problem is one called the educational facilities in which ‘the Hijeu university’ gets the formal authentication the Ani. Generally, it has to be the educational facilities which the state government approves and the issue the condition of ‘university’ has to be possible with the first in the part secondly hiting against the student visa certainly necessary admission. The authentication is gotten in the organization which the third lasts and U.S. Ministry of Education authenticates, and all conditions of ‘university’ are satisfied at last. However, the corresponding school of the state government the result and Hijeu university that it checks was registered as the private establishment higher education · job educational facilities. It is the condition where presently it is unable to get the authentication. The Hijeu university, moreover, this kind of truth is notified through the official site. Therefore, the doctorate is completed at the corresponding school. However the degree which He gets can be recognized as ‘truly’, the question remains. ◆ it is ‘the substrate test of the Hippokkeure Tass’, which the strange substrate test Aera Shin whom ‘the counseling study Master’ Aera Shin hosts introduces moreover, one among the why it is principal reason of this adverse criticism. That psychology and counseling study Master was majored and revealed Aera Shin introduced ‘the substrate test of the Hippokkeure Tass’ to the casts through the broadcasting. However, the substrate test which He hosts was continued to the Middle Ages but it is stated in the psychology major as one among the representative theory which comes to the present age and which it doesn’t use nearly. Kkojibeot because of this, the netizen introduced the theory which this completing till the Master of Psychology doesn’t use in the psychological academic circles with ‘hippocrates substrate test was connected for the rinsing machine and was regarded as the established theory till the Middle Ages but hippocrates substrate test comes to the present age and it is not supported’ (the psychology and life, 18, and Sigmapress Company reference) it was the just common theoryAll. ◆ one among the reason of “engilsh was unable to be spoken and it was upset” of the American college Gyo Aera Shin giving lessons in Aera Shin VS Korean lessened “engilsh was difficult” the speech this adverse criticism He mentions in the broadcasting “as to the psychology counseling study, (engilsh is unable to be spoken) was difficult at first time”. One which however the Hijeu university in which the president is Korean man ejects ‘the minister in home’ in which the purpose of establishment itself of the school will conclude the family problem of within American korean immigrant community So, when proceeding with the class in the school, the Korean in which Engilsh is not used. It is stated in the Hijeu university official site ‘by using Korean, proceed with the class’. The some people shows the view that the expression called ‘fake degree’ is too much putting this adverse criticism. The place where Aera Shin is being educated is right to be ‘the unauthorization educational facilities’. However, at the same time, one which Aera Shin studies at ‘the educational facilities located in U.S.A’ for 4 years and one completing the giving master’s degree at this agency are due to be the fact in fact.
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