For ‘the beauty inside’ and original movie and ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’


Even when JTBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the beauty inside’ taking off the veil shedt the feel of ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ oddly, the original movie feature gets well through the Mut Eo at last first. Because, the Songhyeonuk PD and seohyeon battle formation producing ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ was due to meet again. Here, while the fresh meterial lived a life on a week and face of the others met, the drama which is new even when being familiar was completed. ‘the beauty inside’ dramatized the movie ‘the beauty inside’ of one filial duty Ju starring. It is the establishment which is changed to the other man if the hero wakes up on the original. The heroine was changed to the establishment lived a life on the other man in one month for a week. The Songhyeonuk PD revealed in the production presentation “120 people are over the actor doing the special guest appearance” at last first. The drama brought the large-scale concept of the original. The job of hero and heroine is different. It is different to give. It fits to ‘romantic comedy’ genre and it is bright and the drama is and cheerful unlike the movie of the calm tone. Here, it added till the color and added till the friendliness. In ‘the beauty inside’ broadcasted at last first for the first time, the appearance which one world (the seohyeon battle formation) is changed in the awards ceremony and airplane to two other men was drawn. The awfully hard honest appearance in one world arrested attention among these. It was the straightforward personality just reminding of the misunderstanding the soul. Besides, even if the suffering gloss and doing steam trailed, the actors of the back ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ appeared and the familiar feel was inspired. Additionally, the camera angle structure was noticeable to the eyes. The character was lit with the slightly slanting angle and the background was flewn and the dramatic mood of the drama was completed. This structure which seems to burrow more deeply the sad inner surface of the character is the way that the Songhyeonuk PD made frequent use in ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ previously. On 2nd, “the initial audience rating of ‘ beauty inside ‘ 2.9%” according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea ‘the refrigerator is asked’ and organization time, that is JTBC main variety program, was changed and the audience rating fell but it is early to judge the success or failure of the drama yet. The interest is collected if the Songhyeonuk producer and seohyeon gin is able to make ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ of the second. ‘the beauty inside’ draws the romance of the is unable to make an inquiry the face of the actress living in one month with the face of 1 week others and year 1 12 month others director of the headquarter in the airline company. Every week month is broadcasted Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.
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