Keep the micro of ‘the most child’ of ‘the day of the click Star Wars-idol’ I.


“keep the micro of my idol” How is the day of the idol? There was Gakkahi, as to existence, protecting the miso of the idol who there was no during floating eye and nose from the practice till the schedule, is busy 2 days ‘the click Star Wars’ revealed quite ‘the day of the idol’. ‘the day of the idol’ is the image serving the tired day of the idol. The image center idol proceeds with the schedule from the practice everyday and spends the upset day during. The abusive comment is and seen and it frowns. The moment smiling among the day which is hard it is tired The love of the fans produces the idol to smile. The daytime idol rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ delivers the first place for 10 weeks in a row the trophy through the vote to one artist. In ‘the click Star Wars’, the message of the profuse cheer be sent with my idol.
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