On 2nd dawn begetting a daughter.” inspiring one seatMy wife thanks and it thanks.


The broadcaster Hanseokjun got the dawn begetting a daughter on 2nd. The agency SM C&C revealed on 2nd, “the wife of Seokjun Han delivered the dawn daughter on 2nd” “the condition where the woman delivered of a child and child is very altogether fine”. After that, it told “the rest and recovery is taken in the blessing of the family and acquaintances” “it is happy in the pleasure which the family gets altogether the noble life including Seokjun Han”. The agency asked “it thanks blessing all and the warm love and cheer wishes to be sent to Seokjun Han and the families which manages the happy family as the father the sense as the head of a family more in the future”. Hanseokjun had been imagined in the Instagram of this day I if it was any kind of feeling if it was any kind of mind. However, it could not tell to boldly know. One Kakaotalk message which the father makes, as to the spirit lifts me with a great puff. The begetting a daughter impression was revealed, saying that it was ‘father’ “. After that, it told “while going on living, there will be the works which it would like to do with many goals but the reason why it goes on living will come to this child”. The child of ” each one is brought up and Hanseokjun respects all senior parents of this land which is lived. Additionally, it respected with the parents thanks which gave birth to the wife and, brings up, gave birth to and, I and brings up, it thanked and the wife of “***” I thanked and it thanked and added. In addition, the picture which the foot seal of the daughter is printed was opened. Hanseokjun declared the freelancer as KBS 29 0 house person of announcer in 2003 in 2015. After him got married after associating of the photographer of 12 years old youngers and 1 year in last April.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734388.htm, 2018/10/02 14:36:51]