The anger which the wanna circle manager fan violence dispute and ‘excessiveness’ going wrong cause


The war of the fans that it is nearer, it sees the manager that it takes care of the singer affiliated to the agent and star like is not sudden event. It is the fault on any kind of one side, it is difficult to see. ‘excessiveness’ of going wrong the both arouses the anger. This wanna circle manager fan violence dispute is like that. One female fan was trying to approach wanna circle found on Incheon International Airport to on-line. Then the image whom the manager pushes was revealed on the 28th of last month. The verbal battle of the netizen happened in the online when this image was revealed. “the overprotectiveness of the manager is not” is making the reaction the voice called “the excessive attempt to contact of the fans is the problem” against in some people in another side. The agency swing entertainment of wanna circle apologized through SNS. The swing entertainment revealed “in order to plant, it causes and is sorry” “the relevant manager deeply is regretting on the part which checks the image and which it deals with the excessiveness”. After that, it did “the best effort will be run out so that the thing like this will not may happen again through the more thorough education in the future”, saying that it was “one that discipline according to this receives”. Like this, the apology was revealed but the partial netizen is building the voice of the fury “one ended up in the discipline level in which the dismissal is not the light punishment”. This kind of dispute is not only wanna circle. A lot of Idol group including the exo, red velvet, SHINee, CNBLUE, and etc. became a problem previously. The manager of the exo got until the monetary penalty but the protection of the manager and bodyguard is becoming violent day by day. Then, in this way, the reason why it cannot help becoming violent is what. The shape of the fans is various. The sound source is bought or the work is seen. The concert to is gone. However, the one’s every move is followed. There are the fans who follow till the airplane which much more the stars take and are burnt. The overprotectiveness of the manager and bodyguard follows naturally while the private life area of the stars becomes limited more and more. However, it is the obvious wrong that manager uses violence against to the fans. Because there is another, as much as the star exists, the manager needs to be careful in the way one behaves. The danger which it is unable to expect is lurking in the everywhere. It is unable to expect altogether if not only stars that it sees them but also fans the manager taking care of the star are exposed to any kind of danger. All ones originate from ‘excessiveness’. As much as that, the cheer and proper guard seems to be necessary for its own place. As to a person who concerned world of singers, when there is the event or the airport large-scale schedule, many fans follow. The everytime dizzy scene was much presented and it seemed to have to be careful in order to prevent this accident in advance and it told.
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