The camp and 27 it calls directly Wi of ‘Langgun of on 100th’ OST singer ranking which


The actor and singer camp took possession of 27 Wi of idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking with the solo. The camp was entered the site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate imparting every kind idol ranking information on 1st. Presently, it records and the sign of the rank activity is displayed. The song which is in the rank is ‘love’ released on the 25th of last month. It is the ballad song expressing the lyrical sensibility of the camp with the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘Langgun of on 100th’ OST. The composer giving this love ‘of the singer Sung Si-kyung’ the operation possibly composing me ‘ etc. with 2 man ‘it is the, Ro lap’ worked. The faint feeling of the interest rate (kyongsu Do) and Yoon (geehyun Nam) was melted up among the pole in the housekeeping. The tune ‘love’ feeling the dark sensibility of the camp is expected if there is the number in which it will gain the grade which is good in 1 parking singer ranking vote of 10 months.
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