‘the heart signal 2’ Hyunwoo Kim, again, the drunk driving…”It is the disappointment.


‘the heart signal 2’ Hyunwoo Kim getting the monetary penalty due to the drunk driving is hit by the beating all at one time of the netizen. The Seoul local district sentenced Hyunwoo Kim who is caught for the drunk driving to 10 million won monetary penalties on the 20th of last month. Hyunwoo Kim was required in the nearby by the Jung-gu Ttoegae in the drunk driving control on last April 22nd dawn around 3 o’clock. Hyunwoo Kim deeply was regretting the court. The point that it is pledging the prevention of recurrence was revealed in the weighing of offense Sayoo. The netizen has to punish more strongly “the drunk driving is the habit” (sjmr****) “it doesn’t drive if it drank please” (h so****) ” our country drunk driving. One everyone ” (hmis****) “it was the fan and is the disappointment” (yore****) “it what is saying that the different one is like that and it hits and the drunk driving is the third and there is no what has to be said” (len0****) ” can cause please much the chauffeur service driver because of being so weak compared with. The reactoin that it left ” (kell****) back comment in the fine and is disappointing was shown in the smear on reputation. This time the drunk driving exposure of Hyunwoo Kim is the third. Hyunwoo Kim was playing the Range Rover sports, that is the leased car, at that time with this exposure. And it was the drunken state. The blood alchol concentration was measured by 0.238% jumping over the blood alcohol level mandating revocation. Hyunwoo Kim who is the Japanese restaurant chef appears on the general programming channels channel A variety program ‘the heart signal 2’ ended in last June and gotten the large-scale love.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734317.htm, 2018/10/02 00:00:03]