The high Chinsil Choi the former the manager Chinhui Park Ssi “it is not already believable in 10 time”


The condolence of the family and fans is continued on the occasion of 10 anniversaries of death of the actor high (late) Chinsil Choi. Chinsil Choi was found out with dying in the one’s home last October 2008 on 2nd. The body of Chinsil Choi is buried in Kyonggi-do Yangpyong-kun Kapsan park. 10 anniversary of death commemoration services of Chinsil Choi proceed while the acquaintances including the grandmother on one’s father’s side Oaksuk Chung and joy Junhui brother and sister, two jas of broadcaster, and etc. attends on 2nd. The charnel house of the high Chinyeong Choi who is the brother is at the grave of Chinsil Choi, directly, side. It stepped up to the youth star through MBC drama ‘jealousy’ in 1992 after Chinsil Choi debutted as the commercial model into the entertainment world in 1988. It was loved for brother and sister star representing the South Korean entertainment world along with the brother Chinyeong Choi who went into the entertainment world after sister and is active as the actor and singer. The high Bae Byeone soo Ssi in which the deceased is on the debut first stage now managed and after manager Chinhui Park was called as ‘mr.Lee’ and it shared the joys and sorrows like the needle and room continuously. Chinhui Park said in the telephone call “it came back from the yesterday Kapsan park, that is the covered day ago, in advance” “it is same a few days ago to leave Chinsil bivalent our side and it is unbelievable that time that it is 10 flowed already” on 2nd in the morning.
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