Adjust ‘female and male murder’ and release date and open the field behind steel.


‘female and male murder’ which are the movie ‘female and male murder’ scene behind steel revealed and the Kkeureot everyone.3 day is the attention opened are the crime misfire pole dealing the story of the detective who believes the murderer and confession confessing 7 murder of the extra in the jail and follows the case. ‘female and male murder’ opened the place behind steel putting the simultaneously hot aspects of filming spot with the unsealing. All strings Kim gloss which the revealed steel is sedate sometimes, enjoys the filming spot to be happy sometimes. Seat and attention the aspects of the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character is contained Firstly, the appearance in which Kim gloss seat undertaking the detective ‘kim Hyeong civilians’ role which believes the confession of the murderer and digs up the truth writes the murder list of ‘Gangtaeo’ on the blackboard to be written by the property by oneself and which prepares the shooting stands out. Aspects of the shooting here and there I am carefully monitored and the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character undertaking the killer ‘Gangtaeo’ role confessing the additional murder guesses the atmosphere of the filming spot which was hot in the appearance in which it falls bodily into the character. When Kim gloss seat and general purport Korean translation of Chinese character were completely immersed in the character, if the camera was turned off, it displayed the inversion figure such as leading the atmosphere of the place to bright figure., etc. Here, it makes to peep into the aspects of actors enjoying the filming spot as its own way from the Munjeonghui undertaking the prosecutor in charge ‘sumin Kim’ role till the ferryboat Gyu of the only helper ‘cho Hyeongsa’ role of ‘kim Hyeong civilians’. As to female and male murder ‘, the running time is 110 minutes over the age of 15 with the watchable.
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