For Jong-hyun and jong-hyun due to Jong-hyun


As to blue man, as to of these minds love him the Tteonat Ji was the way which cannot come back again unchanged. The agency contributed the huge amount of money for Jong-hyun passing away pitifully last year and it started. The pass of the considerate agency is becoming the warm consolation to many these love Jong-hyun. At last first, the SM Entertainment Company Limited contributed the huge amount of money that it is 900 million to the foundation corporation ‘only the light’ which the surviving family of Jong-hyun makes. The big handed donation This kind of truth was opened through ‘only the light’ foundation official site. The foundation corporation ‘only the light’ is the foundation which the bereaved family makes in order to recall SHINee Jong-hyun. Jong-hyun quoted the title of the posthumous work ‘only the light’ completing the one’s lifetime and it made. As to cutting, the waterway does the activity helped the financial aid of the artists without the agency. The psychology consultation healing back with is proceeded to these suffering the hurt which is and big among the art work and is small. It is the paragraph of which the mind of the bereaved family that it contributes for the artist like Jong-hyun peeps out. The small sincerity was added so that the SM Entertainment Company Limited that was the agency of Jong-hyun on this could join in the meaningful pass. SM revealed the last work ‘only the light’ sound source of Jong-hyun leaving the world previously. The agency told “the mind of Jong-hyun who tries in order to love the music than someone and have mutual understanding through the music wishes to be well conveyed to everyone” the reason at that time. The fan who there are many in this pass of SM replaced the gratitude greeting with the hot cheer. The fans left the text called “jong-hyun will be really good if this news to is listened” “the good example of the desirable agency” “it was the sad thing only and was impressed by the precedence of SM”. Jong-hyun left. However, remaining these ideas and idea is unchanged. The precedence of the deep affection and SM Entertainment Company Limited showing the trust is the more beautiful reason to him who is just not only for relationship of the management-artist and It becomes the deceased.
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