Ten anniversaries of death of 故choe truth and masterpieces shining still


10 anniversaries of death were greeted whether the actor Chinsil Choi (1968~2008) leading the entertainment world in 1990’s passed away by the always bright image. The actor Kang Soo-yeon for was yearned but 10 arts representing Chinsil Choi who it came and goes the Braun tube and screen after making debut and aligned the day actresses and shoulder including the Gimhui child, Chae Seara, Shim Hyechin, and etc. including Kang Soo-yeon are introduced. ◆ Chinsil Choi starting the link Gye working as the drama 1,988 year commercial model made debut through the next year MBC ‘the Joseon Dynasty 500 year-Hanjungnok’ as the concession. But the work representing Chinsil Choi will don’t have this opposing to one called ‘jealousy’ in 1992. ‘jealousy’ appeared with the actor Sujong Choi got the large-scale love of the viewers as the meterial called ‘the love is possible in man and woman friends, whether’. Chinsil Choi got MBC acting award woman grand prize as ‘jealousy’. The star is the work in which it comes into mind if also it thinks of Chinsil Choi about my heart. It is exported to China at the end of 1990’s and is evaluated ‘in my heart’ recording the audience rating of 49.3% with the broadcasting at that time with the first South Korean TV series. All Kkeureot the huge popularity in Ahn Jae-ook with this art China and JapanAlso ‘ours Heaven’ season 1 and ‘rose color life’ are and the major work of Chinsil Choi and it is the drama remembering ‘you and I’, moreover, Chinsil Choi. Sangwon Park, Cha In-pyo, Seongheon Song, Choi bul-am, Kim Hye Ja, rare book, Yoochung Suh, Kim Geeyeong, Wonsuk Park, and etc. kept time with the work dealing the poor fishing village family the respectively different love story between one brother as the center. ◆ there is ‘the bride of my love I’ with the movie of in which it contains to be bright the Yeonghwachoe truth peculiarity. The university alumni Saeng cleverness (the Junghun Park) and Miyeong (the Chinsil Choi) which it is believe firmly to love are married but the new marriage ends and it is shaken by the trivial complaint but in conclusion, this work which Cho Jung-suk and subjects agar remakes in 2014 is the romantic comedy that it is connected by the reconciliation. There is, the Arirang ‘ of the Bimirie Korean mattress 2 ‘the movie in which it appears’ Susan blink is the work where there is the impression. It is the movie which it takes aim with the period have the discord that it is ‘the child exporter’ in the past. The lodging (the Chinsil Choi) is adopted to the year Sweden in which it came to 4 year old. Different the lodging (the Chinsil Choi) feels the sense of alienation at the unfamiliar environment and appearance and has the question in the identity. She who finds its own root before and leaves after being independent at the age of 18 meets the one’s real mother and meets by chance. Chinsil Choi attempting the change of one’s image with ‘one which I desire, is prohibited to make’ making a film of the original novel of the binaural person shows off the fairy pitta fascination through ‘mail’. The detail that it fills the life in which the metonymy (the Shinyang Park) hung on the vicious brain tumor remains Nam alone it writes the letter to the wife and presented the impression to many audiences. Chinsil Choi is at our side but his work remains forever.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734446.htm, 2018/10/03 00:00:06]