The sequel to the story which ‘again, the twenty’ and producer say


The glad faces seen after long interval The reaction of the audience was hot. It is the talk of MBC special ‘1 part which the youth document opens 20- new nonstop again’ (under ‘, again, 20’) broadcasted p.m. 11 on 1st 10 minute. The leading roles of the sitcom ‘the new nonstop’ meeting the TV viewer by (the total of 422 parts) in 2,002 since back in 2000 were gathered in one place in ‘again, the twenty’ on the air and the homecoming over was presided. At the time was recalled and these getting back together again beginning with Cho In sung and Kyongrim Park till the imine mistake Chunghwa Kim Taewoo Kim who the amount is round in 18 years sent out person with lots of interesting things to tell naturally. Cho In sung joining in the youth star rank with ‘the new nonstop’ ‘the new nonstop’ was not simple Filmography for him. The heart was due to be heavily remained as the Haneun art. He is the human Cho In sung that it is ‘ new nonstop ‘ to ” I. It seemed to be Cho In sung who the smoke is not, it was the feel facing this days and 21-year-old I then with “***” (if it sees again) and told. Nara Jang Chunghwa Kim imine mistake, which Kyongrim Park amount appearing together besides Cho In sung is round moreover, ‘the new nonstop’ was recalled. These revealed “it was the schedule where it was busy and is difficult. However, ‘ new nonstop ‘ has the special meaning” the unlike other people love. After the broadcast went out, the viewers threw out the favorable criticism about this feature. The place to approach to the viewers who watched ‘the new nonstop’ it alit on this days and front of TV as the special memory Besides, the reaction that it felt the fresh fun at the fresh aspects of the stars didn’t write. It paid to MBC special Kim Hyun PD planning ‘again, the twenty’ directly. The planning intention of ‘again, the twenty’ listened from the production crew and casting course It guessed why this feature could get the hot response from the viewers. Under is question and answer had with the Kim Hyun PD. Q. there was the internal concern that actually the reason why it plans ‘again, the twenty’ is unable to set the seat properly after MBC special was changed to the Monday formation recently with what recognition Korean mattress A. It was the situation where the interesting theme was urgently needed for the audiences. Those middle PD got together and the workshop to was gone. The good idea will be formed (smile). The goal that it went to the workshop and prepares the feature documentary more than two parts of each was set up. The chief was ‘the documentary the star coming to the Sel rub will cannot be prepared’ the idea the week to me at that time. The Sel rub casting was likely to be difficult for the opening part and it hesitated and ‘the new nonstop’ which I read the incidence opening part suddenly enjoyably comes to mind. This feature got to be made in the idea that it will be good if it will do the actors and feature which it appeared in ‘the new nonstop’ putting the youth as the large-scale subject. It thought if the it was the youth and memory concept was not story required for the Republic of Korea pass the year 2,018. Recently, it is the situation where it is beautiful or cannot be warm as the old days youth. The high entry barrier, and etc. drive them out to the cold place. The viewers wanted to be met through the warm program placing the subject which everyone can sympathize. After 1 part goes out fortunately, it is well received and is very happy. Q. the casting process the curiosity open outdoor Korean mattress A Cho In sung, Nara Jang, Donggeun Yang, Chunghwa Kim, and Kyongrim Park… Presently, it was the people showing the active activity in the field and ‘the casting is’ about was worried. However, it succeeded (smile). It is 2 kinds of reason thanks toes. As to the first reason, the effort of Kyongrim Park was strong. Cho In sung and Nara Jang for were liaised directly. I liaised for Kyongrim Park. Ha-ha-ha. Secondly, the appearing people think here that it was possible because there was the love toward ‘the new nonstop’. It is the reason why it accepted the appearance without hesitation. Q. the shooting location selection shot in the favorite store which was special and which the Boyeot Eo Korean mattress A casts go frequently. It thought maybe to the private space give to the utmost natural feel as the skilled atmosphere, and could listen their ‘truly, the stories’. In the case of the Cho In sung Ssi, the shooting was hosted in the shellfish soup home gone to the often and there was the number to converse in the atmosphere which there was no manager or people concerned, was quiet and calm. Q. the memorable interview is the It many sides A Cho In sung Ssi interview. It have the popularity as much as the Cho In sung Ssi and recognition the reaction susceptible to theme related to the debut work and early work is displayed in fact. It is countrified and is shy. However, the Cho In sung Ssi was not to be like that. It have the unlike other people affection for ‘the new nonstop’. It could peep to be modest of the top star. Q. Lessen the story which it sees 2 part advance notices, is related to 故jeongdabin. A. as to 2 parts, the editing was unfinished yet. In fact, 1 part is nothing but the image to experience for 2 parts. The in-depth story expects the viewer in 2 parts as one a little more everyday. Especially Chung Dabean which It becomes the deceased Ssi and the related story and men remembering him appear on 2 parts. It is editing doing the best. Two parts of MBC special documentary ‘the youth document, again, 20 Nyunonseuttop chapter’ are broadcasted on the coming eighth at 11:10 p.m.
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