The Vasco present girlfriend and Hwanhui Park shooting text.”On all accounts, the girlfriend is strange.


Hwanhui Park who is the wrapper Vasco (the Bilseu Tax), now, the whole wife of him of the girlfriend Mr.A was shot and it was embroiled in controversy. This was opened through the channel A program ‘the Deureot show with the rumor’ broadcasted at last first. Doenya as to netizen, “the child is pitiful” ” girlfriend will be so to the ex-wife It is thoughtless, the voice of the etc. criticism is made. On 2nd, in the Portal site and on-line community, the various voices were made putting the shooting writing of Mr.A. The negative reaction to Mr.A is the majority. As to ” I, the remarrying wife profits When it what is and if ” (thek****) realizes one, the girlfriend knows well by the one’s real mother. It is that you telling like that don’t install more the thinking of baby, you are more Geukhyeom with ” (hi y****). It tells without reservation and isn’t hwanhui Park to hate the baby even if it saw frequently continuously? (neve****) “it is the man who the mind is quite bad and who is twisted” (dieu****) ” girlfriend If it was like that resentful, it got married and was the step-mom job properly tried? It is the situation where it is funny, the reaction of ” (07sa****) “the adults would better think a little about the child’s stance” (rnrn****) “on all accounts, the girlfriend is strange” (uoo3****) back is shown. The several netizens is the thing of the Vasco and Hwanhui Park. It is the reaction that it went wrong that Mr.A argues pro and con. Presently, it is the condition that it isn’t putting out any kind of position. Hwanhui Park published the picture shared with the son in its own Instagram in last September. In addition, ‘ this summer and last winter The pikachu which it hates to the photo be taken but it puts more well than me to put 7 year old which the line to relieve the mom is well known, saying that it is ‘it will come out well’ It is one which maybe there was no I if there were no you. Love. The writing called the reason ‘ of my life was uploaded. The small son uploads the put photo and after that as to Mr.A, the son ” fact I opens three and one’s eldest son building with the Vasco, his son, and companion dog (vasco) (the Vasco Hwanhui Park son) and lucy which (companion dog). I was endowed with the luck for boyfriend. The someone is like that, it hates that XX takes a picture. Cost the sound which doesn’t make sense because XX saw several times not. Now. The shooting writing was uploaded, saying that it was the liar Geukhyeom ” this. In after online, when there was adverse criticism, then A Ssi published one more the article which it admits because the shooting text was right. He meets to use to see in its own Instagram on 2nd. So Hwanhui Park, as to the writing which wrote and shoots Hwanhui Park said be not hit with my phone with the Banneun everyone “***”. It married in the age of the Vasco and 23 years old, 2,011 year and as to Hwanhui Park, the Naat Ji divorced the son in 1 in just 3 months. Vasco is bringing up the son. It debuts as the drama ‘Who are you’ in 2015 and ‘the descendant of the sun’ ‘the jealousy person image signal’ king loves, as to Hwanhui Park, is ‘ you the human? It appeared in the back.
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