‘2,018 Jeju cold current festival’, on November 4th, the super luxury lineup including the opening… wanna circle, and etc.


It takes place on November 4th Jeju sports Complx main stadium which ‘2,018 Jeju cold current festival’ comes. In this show, the majority popular singers including wanna circle, AOA, EXID, NCT DREAM, Donghan Kim, Nine Muses, Deo yeast light, dowel Ijeu, dream note, red velvet, Momo land, Sublingual gloss, stray kids, yen flying, (woman) children, girlfriend, Malee Oh girl, whole on-and-off, Pentagon, Chiyeol Hwang, and etc. appear. 2,018 Jeju cold current festival ‘ took place in order to create the K-POP (the k pop) performance culture which was able to make the new future of the Jeju area sightseeing contents and which the local people can enjoy in the place refreshingly. The various events are planning to progress with the concert. The play host presides over the homepage open event in the detail called ‘november makes the legal holiday’ with the opening one month from 4th until 12th. Provide the drawing lots after ‘2,018 Jeju cold current festival’ complimentary ticket if the cheering message is prepared with the comment on the formal facebook account. (g) the Korea management union (under ‘ one smoke ‘) Choohak Shin president “the purpose ‘2,018 Jeju cold current festival ‘ develops the tour of area contents which is fresh through the collaboration of the South Korean tourist attraction and K-POP, that it provides the chance which it is closer to the fans on the various areas, it can meet” revealed the planning intention. And “if this chance is expanded, it will be the chance raising the contribution of the popular music in the economic and cultural dimension. And the men who are inspiring the pleasure to the fans and are engaging in the popular music industry are expected to have the pride” the expectation were expressed. It is the Jejuhalna entertainment Huh other representative “because when the K-POP festival can be spread in Jeju, that is the South Korean first tourist spot, it thinks to be the unlimited honor” supervising this event and if Jeju becomes close to K-POP due to ” this event more, the large-scale synergy for Jeju development will be able to happen. It will try more for the development of K-POP and Jeju development, it emphasized in the future. One smoke hosting 2,018 Jeju cold current festival ‘between the past 2 year’ KOREA MUSIC FESTIVAL ‘ (korea music festival) successfully hosts. And it supervises in the Jejuhalna entertainment, that is one smoke Jeju branch.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734549.htm, 2018/10/04 15:14:30]