Koo Hara “the suspect accusation including ex-boyfriend sexual harassment · threat, and etc” (formal)


The official position about the hair designer most people (27) Ssi complaint case in which the group KARA native actor Koo Hara (27) is the whole boyfriend was delivered. The report material was presented on 4th and the law firm Sejong who found and is taking care of the legal agent revealed “the client (koo Hara) accused ex-boyfriend most Ssi of the exemption law violation, threat and enforcement suspicion including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc. on the 27th of last month”. After that, “the investigation which is quick on the charge of crime of most Ssi and is thorough wishes to be realized” the wind were expressed. Most Ssi threatened Koo Hara with 30 second quantity sexual intercourse movie. This day entertainment media dispatch reported the content that it fell knees and Koo Hara implored most Ssi. It threatened me with the movie that ” He finds. Admit the hurt which I build with “***” if there is to the female entertainer to be scarier than this. It will be punished. However, it was the bully boy and He complained. The Koo Hara and most Ssi made uproar the society last month with the assault incident. All Badat 2 people the investigation by police it asserted as the both parties violence that it finds most Ssi suffered the one-sided violence by Koo Hara
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734546.htm, 2018/10/04 13:56:35]