Shoe main part Eunhyeok and ‘Eondeonaintin’ performance director decision


Super Juniors Eunhyeok was determined as the performance director of MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’. On 4th, MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ revealed and like this, made a request “the meeting of the main dancer Eunhyeok of the creative performance group Super Juniors leading the Korean fever and ‘ Eondeonaintin ‘ the teenager creators is expected”. The performance director Eunhyeok is loved for the various appearance including the idol and artiste, and etc. as the creative performer. As much as it points out as the idol senior who the participants would like to be under the directing, the expectation is high. The stroke which the Eondeonaintin ‘ pity ” Super Juniors in group reversely maps the K-POP (the k pop) was drawn, in addition because of have the symbolism which is big for the performance idol, it was decided and as much as it was the part in which ” performance is applied to the idol to be most important, after the production crew agonized, Eunhyeok who is Maine dancer of Super Juniors was selected as the director. It told. Especially Eunhyeok who is being active as the active service idol can pay attention in that it comes forward for the idol birth of the broadcasting first progeny directly. Because of being and Eunhyeok informing the age of 19 of the world of singers debut, the aspects of director which it will seem to fit to the eye level of the participants at the teenager is gathering many expectancies. ‘Eondeonaintin’ is the teenager-only audition program which has never been seen so far. After dividing into the vocal, rap, and performance total 3 parts and competing, it is the goal that it will combine each section champions and will make the best Idol group. The crush sallies into the vocal team director besides Eunhyeok at the life first audition program. As to the rap part director, the dynamic duo representing Korean hip-hop was in charge. Presently, on 1st profile shooting which 19 people and total 57 people of participants are over according to each part was finished. 11 month first weeks first broadcasting schedule where it comes
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