Step on “the normalization promise” 23 time the Pusan International Film Festival and crisis and make a fresh start.


It was more and more splendid and was rich. The crisis on was stepped and the 23rd the Pusan International Film Festival promising the normalization gave notice of the fresh start at last. The Pusan International Film Festival of which the phase falls drastically after ‘diving bell’ situation came back to the original place in 2014 in 4 years. The twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening ceremony took place in the Haeundae-gu in Busan Udong movie of the palace by the society of the actor Hahn, Han Geemin and Namgil Kim in the afternoon on 4th. There was the concern for the outdoor event but the event progressed safely previously with the typhoon bean ray news of going north. In this day red carpet, local and foreign movie man and actors attended a lot and the place was honored. The ferryboat Gyu, class string Jjeum, Uisung Kim, Daemyeong Kim, and etc. stepped on the red carpet in Chang Donggeon, Hyun Bin, Nayeong Lee, Park Hea-il, several children, flexibility seat, Gimhui child, Haesuk Kim, example revision, Nam Gyuri, this west wind, Namjuhyeok, Sunggi Ahn, Ibohui, young shoot rate, one sharp, Suyeong Choi (girls’ Generation), Gimgyu Ri, Kim Bosung, and Choehui. Yim Kwon-taek, stop the soul, Eunjin Bang, Lee, Yi Junik, Yunghwa Kim, understanding the soul, Hwangdonghyeok, Mingyu building, Mandae Bong, and etc. who is the domestic popularity director who the foreign star lewy Ho and calla took and who gives in being the heath and Cooney radish attended. All Moat the interest Lee Sang Ho director especially producing the documentary ‘diving bell’ attends The normalization of the Pusan International Film Festival was proved at his stepping on the red carpet with the bright face attitude. It was the look which also the movie men attending the film festival are bright than this any other time. The film festival boycott was due to be altogether withdrawn and Yunggwan Lee chief director and Yangjun Jeon executive president is due to return this year. It was the atmosphere different from a bit empty event last year. As to film festival, ㅇ informed the splendid start by the piano performance of the Sakamoto Ryu reason this year. The Sakamoto Ryu reason was chosen as ‘the Asian film impression (The Asian Filmmaker of the year) of this year’ prize winner. He gets to come on the glorious seat in this way, thank you The peace is trying to visit in the Korean peninsula at last. It thought really gladly as same Asian, it told. After that, it is ‘ hello in which I take part in the music and core of the Tyrannosaurus ‘ work that love appears between the mutually different men. It thinks that it has the meaning that this work is introduced to the Busan Film Festival. The impression was revealed it expected that governed about the violence disappeared from this world. Martin Tteruanneu (Martine Th which this year is the joint originator and person in charge of the Beu line international Asian Film Festival with the prize granted to the movie man who contributes for the Korean movie globalization ‘the Korean movie distinguished service medal’ introduces the Korean movie to the international cinema world? The Rouanne) and chapter Mareukkeu Tteruanneu (Jean-Marc Th? The Rouanne) got the prize. This year, the film festival opening work is ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ (the supervision Jaehoh Yoon) of Nayeong Lee starring. All Damat the story about the hidden truth of the woman which ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ lives a life of the sick past having with no change Korea (the Nayeong Lee) and son which finds her before in the year 14 and comes from China (the nutation gloss) and she uncovered at last It is the art which it attracts with the screen first show after comeback of the year 6 of Nayeong Lee. Nayeong Lee revealed previously in ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ press conference on the work selection reason “I could install. I wanted to do. It wanted to meet little confidently with the audience” “as such is the case, the time got to be lengthened and while being like that, the script holding in the mind which ‘ beautiful part Ijeu ‘ is the same gets to be gets to see and written”. After that, it explained “when the situation where friend I punishes the situation where it has to experience was accumulated and It became the mother, the feelings were well expressed in the script”. This feeling, which is now calm after that, it masters ” all ones well, all Neukkyeojyeot So, it wanted to be well expressed. It wanted to deliver well to the audience and added. 23. the Pusan International Film Festival, on 4th, the opening ceremony, until 13th, the Yeollinda in the Busan Ildae theater including the movie ceremony party ·CGV Centum City · the Lotte cinema Centum City · the Mega-box Haeundae, and etc. As to opening work, ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ the closing flim is ‘the leaf outside one’s field former’ of the Hong kong circle peace supervision. As to invited work, the world Premier movies now playing at theater is 115 volume (85 volumes of long work, 30 volumes of fragment) with 323 volume, 79 country.
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