The Armor singer of origin hill person solo change fresh start, p.m. 6 on 4th, the making public of sound source


The singer Jae it was active as the leader of the girl group Armor and gains the limelight changed with the solo. It appeared at last second SBS MTV live broadcasting ‘like the fantasy fairy’ which is the ash and the splendid stage was shown. In this day broadcasting, it tells on the ash singing the solo debut song ‘If you loveme’ the space girl, BLANC7, NOIR, S.I.S, UNI.T, Park girl, Kimyung soup, new keyed, dream catcher, Ruchenteu, very good, within the bibliography, sound, girl of this month, JungDong Ha, and this sol back had together. The good luck which the meeting with the girl group Armor days famous composer team Yummy Tone (the Bissan early Park Hea-il Jae reporter) which is the ash is connected by the solo debut was gotten. ‘If you loveme’ is the tune expressing the mind which positively approaches little more and which the woman falling in the love due to the tune of the Mum baton genre in which the Ppeolkeu sound is impressive wishes to inspire to the opponent. It revealed that boredom network entertainment people concerned who is the agency was “the schedule which opens the making public of sound source at p.m. 6 on 4th after appearing on the various program including the Music Bank, pop music, M countdown, which is the ash and etc. in succession”. Meantime, there is it appears in the Arirang international broadcasting free k pop (SimpleyK-POP) 330 time with the stern, filial duty civilians, dowel Ijeu, Pentagon, Kimyung soup, anchorage civilians, hundred percent, this month girl, space girl, and etc. and to on last August 29th afternoon which is the ash be broadcasted recorded on video tape.
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