‘the bright smile’ of ‘it comes back to the actor from the mom’ Nayeong Lee


The actor Nayeong Lee attends in twenty third the Pusan International Film Festival opening work press interview which is held in the theater during the Haeundae-gu in Busan movie of the palace in the afternoon on 4th and it is wearing a smile. ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ is the art put the story about the hidden truth in which the mom who leaves the ethnic Koreans living in China family and escapes from North Korea and son hate the mom getting back together again in 16 years and which is uncovered. It is the long work movie debut work of Jaehoh Yoon supervision exhibiting the fragment ‘hitchhiker’ and documentary ‘the madame B’ in the Cannes Film Festival. And it is the first show after comeback of Nayeong Lee coming back to the screen in 6 years last year. In the meantime, yunggwan Lee chief director and Yangjun Jeon executive president stands again at forefront and this year the Pusan International Film Festival which undergoes the political storm for 4 years and which it raises the anchor is directed. As to opening work, ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ of Jaehoh Yoon director and closing flim is the new work ‘the leaf door evagination’ of the Hong kong circle peace director. The film festival is opened in Busan from this day goes until 13th ten days movie of the palace and Centum City and Haeundae area.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734568.htm, 2018/10/04 16:08:14]