The damage caused hail U.S. husband Hwang Min and examination of warrant attendance “be sorry”


After the musical direction Ga Hwang Min (45) who is the actor damage caused hail U.S. husband causing the drunk driving fatal accident thought, it revealed shape for the first time and apologized. The Hwang Min took care to hit against the actual inspection on arrest warrant issued under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes hazardous driving appreciation on charge on 4th and it attended the game Uijongbu-City Uijeongbu District Court. This day Hwang Min is at the front of group of reporters and ” I am all to blame. It was one, the life which “***” is precious got to be lost and it was sorry for the bereaved families and I said the drunk driving. On the wife damage caused hail U.S ” (after it buys) box was unable to be met. It explained the nail not to make in the home after the accident and go. The Hwang Min is communicating with the damage caused hail U.S. through the lawyer entrusted with the plenary power of the damage caused hail U.S. With drinking in the late night Gyeonggi Guri-si North Riverside Urban Highway Namyangju direction fourth enlargement port nearby on last August 27th the Chrysler five Ji car was driven and the Hwang Min crashed 25 ton truck, it stopped at the sideway 2 part. 2 musical actors get in the car died and 3 people including the Hwang Min got hurt because of this accident. 4 people riding together with the Hwang Min is the thick sea fog musical company position member whom the damage caused hail U.S. manages altogether. Especially, the blood alchol concentration of the time of the accident Hwang Min was investigated by 0.104%, that is the withdrawal of license level. In addition, the car which the black box image content Hwang Min drives was these who overtook the cars which it is ahead with 1 ‘hairtail’ and drive rapidly on the road shocked.
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