‘the leading roles of the heart signal 2 which it makes to move up and down Myeongdong’


Hyunchoo Lim who is the heart signal season 2 performer and Jangmi Kim and Chung Jaehoh (from the left) whom it is this Gyu vacant attend in ‘the Uniqlo cashmere special zone’ opening celebration event which is held in the Jung-gu Uniqlo Myong-dong center point in the morning on 4th and the photo time is taken. ‘the Uniqlo cashmere special zone’ is the space in which the consumers can touch the Uniqlo cashmere knit product making a boast of the meterial which is carefully chosen and color abundant directly and which it can experience.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734526.htm, 2018/10/04 11:32:23]