The Nancy Lang · house call battle formation and police moving ‘Tteodeusseok’ with quarrel between husband and wife


The husband house call battle formation (the one’s real name Junchoo Jeon) in which Pop artist Nancy Lang uses violence against among quarrel between husband and wife was reported to the police. The Herald Media Inc reported that house call battle formation was indicted without detention for the speciality damage charge on 4th and it was sent to the recommendation for indictment in the prosecution. The house call battle formation is hiting against the charge using violence against on the 20th of last month night around 12 o’clock such as breaking the door in the Yongsan gu one’s home with the goods of the form of the blunt weapon, etc. This day house call battle formation explained in the edaily and interview “it is the fact that police is mobilized and it takes the investigation. However, when there were quarrel between husband and wife and there is aside the wife (nancy Lang) with the status where it is reconciled now,”. Nancy Lang was reconciled. The punishment of the husband was not wanted and it told. Meantime, the house call gin served the year 12 by 2 special robbery and rape suspicion in the past. Since 10,000 being released in 2013, the fact that is being cold was the electronic muter known and the shock was imposed upon the world. Besides, it is standing trial for the fraud case, and etc.
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