The stars confessing ‘it has painful’ and psychiatry treatment


“the anxiety disorder, depression, and panic disorder… I of are thought that is the same as the cold.”It is the end which it appears on MBC ‘radio star’ in which the wrapper Woowon ash (22) is broadcasted in the afternoon on 3rd. The Woowon ash it is the Syo U.S. dumber, which catches popularity with the frank housekeeping and wrapping and fresh which it enters stardom The broadcast confessed the pain in the lyrics with the word of ‘depression’ ‘tablet’ back frankly at that time and the sympathy of 1,020 generations and popularity was gotten in one body. The stars that confess frankly like the Woowon ash to get the psychiatry treatment in the broadcast, are increasing recently. I said that it was enduring hardship in the program in which I called the broadcaster Lee Sang-Min and Kim-Gu appears in the panic disorder and became a hot issue. The Lee only is not. The singer Gsin imparted to the fans by SNS to cure with the insomnia and anxiety disorder. A lot of stars including Lee Byung-hun, Haneul Kim, Kyonggyu Lee, orthopedic money, Kim Jang-hoon, Taehyun Cha, moreover the psychiatry treatment are gotten or it has gotten, it informs through the broadcast. It is the quite difficult work to reveal the mind and consultation career to the stars regarded as ‘official indicia’ publicly. The reason ‘it is depressed’ for, the image which is fatal from them can arise by the confession it is these which have to implant the positive image it is bright for the menHowever, while the modern people complaining of the spiritual pain including the depression, panic disorder, and etc. increase, the public attention is changed. At the same time it confesses the disease of the mind frankly. The honest features in which the stars carrying the anxiety and melancholy on the splendid life and inside of the popularity appear on the broadcasting and which tells ‘the disease of the mind from is suffered’ Unlike past, moreover there is a lot of the case which gets the large-scale consensus from the public and is appealed with the positive image. The popular culture critic drawing the late wood in relation with this change conveyed from the call as “the large-scale reason why it makes the bottle of the mind from the stars that past which it hid the mind and disorder social atmosphere is changed to confess”. The critic drawing the late wood “the past ‘ psychosis ‘ is the fact to give the image which is negative as much as it was prohibited” “however, there was a lot of the case where the star which is abundant by the depression, and etc. committed suicide or it makes the extreme choice and the case where it causes this social result that it is rather negative to overlook personally was the most”The reason of the high change was pointed out. After that, the psychiatry treatment is generalized between ” people. It is very important that star start without reservation and confess my pain in this situation. The colleague star only was not and the large-scale container was advanced toward the people with the periodogram and it could be connected by the treatment and explained. He added as “the change which is very positive in the side that it implants the awareness that it would better treat it hides the disease of the mind to these of which there is a lot of the confession of the stars” lastly. The Republic of Korea making a boast of the suicide rate which is the highestest among OECD nation It is the reason why it has the meaning the confession where there is the courage of the stars more.
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