The world fandom of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and ‘the evolution of the cold current’


If the people who is hard to the Republic of Korea meet most is pointed out, maybe it is directly not Bangsihyeok. Recently, it is the heart of the Idol group BTS which it is most hot and it is the symbol. There is the end that it be difficult to meet more as it is close to the world to Bangsihyeok. The important point of the meeting is mostly connected with the schedule of BTS. If it is the between know each other well, it is due to be more painful to refuse the request. If it goes to the performance place, even so, it can see but BTS is not Bangsihyeok. (the famous article talents artist L Ssi) it is the story about the producer Bangsihyeok which is being mentioned in the broadcast circles around. Bangsihyeok holds the national audition for the hip-hop group bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) new member configuration in 2010 which is 8 years ago on September 2nd. He can select 7 final members including Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, political situation, and etc. from this audition progressing to the title that it is ‘the Hiit (Hit It)’ around the leader RM (kim Namjun) previously picked out among. The practice time of after for 3 years was spent during and these who are capable of the rap and vocal and dance finished the debut preparation with the hiphop Idol group altogether. ‘BTS’ designating the bulletproof Boy Scouts is the ambiguousness expression. ‘Beyond The Scene’ (the youth which is not content with the reality and which it runs constantly toward the dream) of the meaning putting together the past and future besides ‘Bulletproof Boys’ (the social prejudice of the teenagers and suppression settlement) that the Mak child builds the beginning bullet were added to. This was interpreted as the meaning that it protects one’s musical value grandiosely and the changed bi motion graphic image of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was surprisingly opened and like this, the agency big hit made the definition. ◆ the U.N. General meeting ‘the speech second ring between 7 minutes’, after that, the meter in which searching far and wide BTS begins to get the international attention altogether with the U.S.A 3 shot broadcasting corporation feature including CBS NBC ABC, and etc. is the success of ‘In The Mood For Love’ series. Go into the fourth mini album ‘the In The Mood For Love Pt.2’ after the third mini album ‘the In The Mood For Love Pt.1’ into ‘the Billboard 200’, that is the U.S.A Billboard Maine album chart, in 2015 at a stretch. The popularity which doesn’t stop after special album ‘the In The Mood For Love Young Forever’ (2016) was attracted. This ‘In The Mood For Love’ series achieves 1.05 million sales until last year. The gale of BTS gets to run this up to the start point up to the Heorikkeingeup big bang indeed. As to ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ launched at September last year on 18th, the chapter 1.58 million sold this year until January in just 4 months. Only the repackage album ‘LOVE YOURSELF time Answer’ released this year on August 6th broke through 1.93 million sales in 8 days. It is the volume which is the highestest among with the totalization idea of Korea music content society it runs the heating chart. This is the monthly (the) best record (the album sales volume and 9 Recording Industry Association of Korea since 1999 the/Korea music content society till 2,007, from Feburary, 2010, the totalization) with the disc sales volume standard after 1999 years. 3 consecutive Million Seller is achieved along with ‘the rub young fish self multiplication Huh’ and ‘the rub young fish self all tear’ and ‘the rub young fish self time answer’ of BTS accounts for the first place of maximum in 3 Billboard K pop chart of the Billboard Korea in 2018. It is figure which Sungmao Cho recording many Million Seller is unable to be over in the past. Three albums of Sungmao Cho were the based on sales amount 1.705 million Jang (CD cassette tape) on September, 2000. This simple numeric comparison doesn’t have any meaning in the present time reorganizing into the digital sound source market already in fact long ago. ◆ the strategy differentiated from the existing idol ‘the world fandom raising quickly’ Korean singer first New York city field solo concert and success of 40,000 seat scale stadium stage BTS played a role. Especially it is the analysis that it pulled the musical expectation through on-line and interest up onto fully and maximized the fan loyalty. The members posted the mixtape, image, photo, and etc. on the blog which I manage from the debut and communicated with the pans. Before the first regular album ‘DARK&WILD’ (2014) being and put on sale, it was active as ‘three parts of school’ album series and the attention degree was raised. In after melon music, heating chart K-POP award, golden disc prize, and etc, the Rookie of the Year award was swept. It attends the United Nations Childern’s Fund (UNICEF) man agenda event which is held on the 25th of last month U.S.A U.N. Headquarters in New York trust rule board of directors conference hall, that is the consecutive holidays of Chuseok, and BTS stimulates the global fan loyalty and once. The address at the United Nations of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was the topic with the fact it delivered the story of me from the worldwide chief of state before besides the point called Korean singer first sincerely. The voice was made and ‘I am loved’ matched with the album ‘the rub young fish self’ series putting the message and positively the meaning was bigger. The leader RM and members giving the second ring of the United Nations general assembly as the fluent English proficiency appeared on NBC talk show ‘the Deo Tonight Show starring Geemi Ppael run show’ and ABC main morning program ‘america’ in succession and this phase was unsparingly shown off. It appears previously on CBS ‘james cordon, more, the late show’. BTS opens the solo concert in New York CT field (40,000 seat scale, the first stadium) with Korean singer on the coming sixth for the first time. It wonders if the world fandom evolve the cold current raises quickly till where.
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