What kind of are ‘100 million stars’ and concern inside the first the gunport… the pass set up?


Sungung Park starring cable channel it pushes the actor Seo In Guk testis TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ (the script Songhye battle formation · direction emulsion circle) which opened the first gunports on 3rd. The drama raised the expectancy with the point called the popular drama remake from the first broadcastings. But the eye line of the concern which is just as good as him was shared. As to the original drama ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ broadcasted in the Fuji TV in Japan as 11 parts since April in 2002 until June, acasi, the wild yam played an active part as the starring. The 33 time sweeps the section in the television drama academy awards more and the drama seems to demonstrate the huge popularity and literary value. The original drama had been being proficiently selected as the masterpiece between the Japanese drama manias. However, the consensus of 2,030, that is the TV series major target level, because of being almost the drama 16 years ago generations and prediction which can be a bit far came out. Moreover, there was the look of the worry about the Ga how drawing the provocative meterial including the used incest, suicide, and etc. With respect to this, the emulsion circle PD can not force “it was written by the important factor accomplishing the tragedy in the original and was the consideration if that was brought as it is” ” audience to the hate part from the opening production presentation. The part which is inconvenient to see was recognized and the work was decided to proceed and explained. It is one more the problems of military service of the hero Seo In bureau. All Badat the action of returning home with the osteochondral lesion (osteochondritis dissecans) symptom of the same month left ankle one goal Seo In bureau entered the game Yonchon-gun 5 division boot camp part at March last year After final 5 level verdict which the year Daegu the same Central Physical Examination Agency receives the close examination was hit and actually the military service was the review exempted from Seoul local Office of Military Manpower next month. In Korea, the problem of army is the sensitive theme. It is applied to the entertainers making the public love a living in the measure which besides it does the rigor. He selected any kind of work as the attention sharp about Seo In bureau receiving the military exemption as this next product, whether the Ppyeol paints magnetism curiosity any kind of activity was gathered. The TvN ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ draws the mystery melodrama of the fate coming to her brother undiluted liquor (sungung Park) it has that kind of wound called In the first broadcasts, when being the close brother of the lumen, then ‘the gold bottom of the water’ ceramic art, as to the prologue where there is the tension was opened with the suspicious female college student death leap case by the pottery art exhibition of the dock (eunsu Suh). The curiosity was amplified if the personas made any kind of relationship while the shadowlessness appeared strongly. The first broadcasting program ratings recorded 4.0 % (the Nielsen Korea · pay platform · (the) whole household standard). The favorable comment about the acting ability of Seo In bureau flows out. The outcome gets attention if ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ can clear the worry about the world and the mind of the viewer can be captivated.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734513.htm, 2018/10/04 10:53:10]