When ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ Nayeong Lee and year 6 hold BIFF door under the first show after comeback.


The actor Nayeong Lee informed the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival start through ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ with ㅇ. He resuming the performance activity took the successful return with the exceptive change in acting style in 6 years. ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ press preview and press conference was held in the theater during the Haeundae-gu in Busan Udong movie of the palace on 4th. The seohyeon mistake given Jaehoh Yoon director, Nayeong Lee, nutation gloss, Wu Guang rock, and reason attended. ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ was chosen as the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening work. All Moat the interest from the casting step the defector woman from North Korean of is taken care in the art which Nayeong Lee selects in 6 years among the pole Even when the feel of the mom whom on reason ” I casting Nayeong Lee was finding was the mom, jaehoh Yoon director was the character inspiring the young lady and different feel. This feel thought with Nayeong Lee to be well right and the script was handed over and it did without hesitation and told. ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ content Nayeong Lee opened through the opening work trade show was definitely.sharply different from the appearance shown so far. The defector woman from North Korean of the crisis was drastically and expressed even when being serene. The interregnum of the year 6 was made into the sensibility, and etc. which becomes intense with the controlled emotion performance ashamedly. Nayeong Lee emphasized for the interregnum that it is the year 6 “the movie acting was always expected”. He revealed “I could install. I wanted to do. It wanted to meet little confidently with the audience” “as such is the case, the time got to be lengthened and while being like that, the script holding in the mind which ‘ beautiful part Ijeu ‘ is the same gets to be gets to see and written” the work selection reason. The mother role which Nayeong Lee ins charge of is the role which is not easy with the defector woman from North Korean. The Chinese, Yeonbyeon dialect, composite feeling acting, and etc. had to be done. The Nayeong Lee “when the situation where the friend punishes the situation where it has to experience was accumulated and It became the mother, the feelings were well expressed in the script” explained. After that, “it shoots from the flashback and the feelings seem to be well accumulated” all this feelings which are now calm it masters one well all Neukkyeojyeot So, it wanted to be well expressed. It wanted to deliver well to the audience and added. Jaehoh Yoon supervision praised “nayeong Lee was very good at one Kkeot, one Kkeot, and preparation”. He expressed internal well not to canexpress with ” periphery. The message of the movie had to be well and shot with the peculiar mood in the time which the Damat everyone “***” is short and the concentration was done well and it told. Nayeong Lee appears as the nutation gloss and mother-child relationship among the pole. 2 people shedt strongly the feel which is actually the same as ‘hat’ in the quite alike synchronous rate. As to jaehoh Yoon director, there is the feel which the actor is alike. The image was unique and it was characteristic and the nutation gloss was casted and it revealed. All Damat the story about the hidden truth of the woman which ‘the beautiful part Ijeu’ lives a life of the sick past having with no change Korea (the Nayeong Lee) and son which finds her before in the year 14 and comes from China (the nutation gloss) and she uncovered at last The first run decides on come November.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734574.htm, 2018/10/04 17:53:48]