Among “it is appreciated in Ttaeeonajwo” icon BI and birthday support progress


The birthday present which the iconic (the icon fan club name) prepares? The birthday support of the group icon BI with is proceeded in the site ‘the click Star Wars’ imparting the idol ranking information on 4th. It is the large electric board event congratulating BI having on 22nd birthday ahead. The birthday support of BI is completed with the cooperation of ‘the click Star Wars’ and fans. The success is determined by projects (the point which can be gathered in the site) achievement rate. And the birthday congratulations video is screened in the display panel in many places as the achievement rate is high. The event participation is possible in ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the click Star Wars’ homepage I. The outcome gets attention if it can succeed for the event period which the relevant support which it is the way that the fans contribute the star which completes every kind of mission and which it gets to the birthday market of BI directly, is continued with 7 to the day remains.
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