Did ‘in 12, the car girl’ glass and shown one remain? (synthesis)


In no time, it is the tea in 12. The eldest sister among the sister that is big in the active girl group middle It became the woman who the fresh girl debutting as ‘the world meeting again’ like the comet is mature in no time and the woman came back. The glass which takes off the girl title and throws hat with ‘solo singer’ (28· Yoori Kwon). It was him that there is lots to show still, the first solo album ‘The First Scene’ (more, the first baseman) commemoration of sale showcase of Girls’ Generation glass opened with 4 with the day in me in Sangmyung University of the order Art center group sugar hall afternoon. This day showcase was decorated with the times which could open the title song ‘Ppajyeo’ (into You) and recording song ‘hope’ (illusion) stage for the first time and when it can guess the mood of the overall album. As to the first stages, the recording song ‘hope’ (illusion) decorated. The vocalist tired of the heavy base and glass gets joined together as the being almost similar pop genre in which the mature appeal stands out even when being powerful and ‘hope’ arouses the polished atmosphere. Even when unable to sending the love people and know to be the dream, the mind of the woman who is hate to break was shown in the housekeeping. The glass finishing the stage was the breathless breath the Heol rice cake on the intense choreographing. He is the year 12 tea singer glasses. It was active very for a long time. However, this feeling is the first time. By no means, the nervous, saying that it seemed to be tenser in being the solo album, first greetings of were given. The second opinion stage was the title song ‘Ppajyeo’. As to this tune, the percussion acoustic and rhythmical since, that is dreams and phantasms, are impressive with the pop dance music of which the cheerful rhythm which the traditional element of the oriental Ppung is added and hook melody are impressive. The mind which would like to fall into the deep love along with the love man was sensuously expressed. Besides, the album recording song ‘C’ Est La Vie ‘ (the Sse Rabi), ‘Butterfly’ (butterfly), ‘Chapter 2’ (the chapter 2), and ‘Ending Credit’ (ending credit) highlight making public of sound source was continued. However, it was the look where there is the self confidence of the glass and aspiration meticulous to stand out than what with this day most. He, as to ” album this time included the tune of the various genre including the pop dance, Ballard, being almost similar pop, bossa nova, and etc. It told sturdily, saying that it was to realize spring and summer fall and winter four seasons atmosphere in the album leaf altogether. On attitude which it is at the front of public could be gotten in the Girls’ Generation ‘entirely, the title is taken off’ singer glass ‘. The glass thinks that there is ” time. It emphasized that there were the people whose the solo album said be delayed and maybe ‘my season’ was not now but new Yoori Kwon could be presented to the fans and it was very happy and was expected as the album which it was the idea reject, entirely it makes through the color of “***” I and voice of me. The thankful mind toward Girls’ Generation members was not forgotten and it delivered. He will don’t know maybe because He will be much tense. However, the members played the cheer which is abundant in the organization chat screen. Because the teaser photo was revealed, the praise was not saved against, saying that it was ‘the Chwi base’ (the taste shooting). It added that mind in which on music wondered and which believes was felt and it was appreciated. Girls’ Generation members are showing the active activity in the entertainment world many-sidedness through the private activity recently. The glass the sameness The Geuryeo Ga is the successful second film beginning with Girls’ Generation unit activity till the variety program, MC, and acting as the senior girl group the middle. The double victiory, the role is undertaken and 11 month for the first time coming besides the solo album activity is broadcasted the ability as the actor is planning to exhibit Yuri. The second film of the glass taking off the girl started. The musicality which becomes mature through the retrocession which has been being built for in 12 long time and object that it will appeal the appeal The future which the glass which Girls’ Generation in girl group is not will build alone is expected. Meantime, it is the Jongno in Seoul p.m. 8 on 4th and the first solo album commemoration of sale showcase ‘YURI SHOWCASE’ [The First Scene] is held in the order Art center group party hole and the title song ‘Ppajyeo’ and recording song ‘hope’ stage is primally opened and the glass spends the fans and special time with the various talk including the new album introduction, recent condition talk, and etc. This day field is transmitted live via SM TOWN channel of the naver V LIVE. The new album of Yuri and music video is opened through every kind sound source site this day at 6 p.m. and the stage activity is kept beginning with the KBS2TV ‘music Bank’ on the coming fifth.
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