‘gunsan’ which is born as Park Hea-il X Jang Ryul director Beu romance


“park Hea-il is the actor coming to mind to the usual time always.” The movie ‘ Gunsan: The chapter Ryul supervision which it sang the goose, produces expressed the affection for Park Hea-il. In ‘the film age love’ (2015) ‘race’ (2013), previously, 2 people keeps time. 2 people performing the delicate direction and acting delicate was reborn as the relationship between the director and persona now. The chapter Ryul supervision laughed, saying that he was “the national Fight Provinces of Korea is thinking about being attended after Park Hea-il and ‘ race ‘ Gunsan ‘”. In ‘gunsan’ press conference which is held in the Haeundae-gu in Busan Udong Shinsegye Department Store Centum City point culture hall on 5th, Park Hea-il, chapter Ryul director, and Namdong iron programmer attended. ‘gunsan’ divided the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival with the character running in Gunsan trip which man and woman who is the long acquaintance leave together suddenly and work putting the delicate drama of man and woman feeling through the trivial cases and was invited to the presentation. As to the chapter Ryul director, originally the region was ‘ Mokpo ‘ in which ‘ Gunsan ‘ is not on the actor Park Hea-il. Park Hea-il came into mind as soon as Mokpo of was thought. In fact, Park Hea-il comes into mind always. It gives the new possibility, saying that it was the reason ” this to learn even if any kind of role was given. As to ‘gunsan’, the shooting was planning to progress like the horse of the field Ryul director in the beginning Mokpo. However, there was no proper homestay occupying the part which the movie inside is the greatest and the background was moved into Gunsan. The director ” Gunsan has the soft image. The feel in which this Park Hea-il actor looks good it was soft got and Park Hea-il told. Park Hea-il revealed the reason why it gets to select “as to the chapter Ryul director, the ability giving the actors having the delicate feeling the Bodeum Eo is excellent” “that part seems to approach charming to me” the current work. After that, he told “the fact director and I thought that there was no much part which can be Seokk and that part seems to become bigger by the curiosity and interest”. In the meantime, it did “because of being the working director, the talk getting through the actor and talk which the director would like to install the Eoureo Ji is really well interesting”. The work of the chapter Ryul director was known to have a lot of the filter paper of the interpretation. The feel and in which it sees pyong and interpretation are different according to the audience. It is not easy that actor appearing in that work acts. The work was trying to be not never once interpreted while Park Hea-il worked on ” chapter Ryul director and several works. Even if it is trying to interpret, there is no clear branch falling just. So, it listened just to the story of the supervisor and the air in this space was said in front of camera all Neukkin “. The movie is well Gunsan’s coloring the steps. Light Gunsan everywhere which Japanese residue remains much yet with the camera. It is about which the illusion which it will watch the movie, seems just to watch the Japanese movies will get. Besides, shine various we appearances including the sorrows and Korean residents in Japan, and etc. The chapter Ryul director “the looks soaking into the everyday wanted to be shown rather than any kind of message was conveyed” told. In this day press conference, he emphasized ‘every day’ frequently. He showed what kind of one case and it came out as the movie already much to emboss. So, it wanted to show to feel easily from our every day and I explained. ‘gunsan’ is the eleventh work interest of different eye line putting together the community and space through ‘race’ (2013) ‘spring dreams’ (2016) back and field Ryul director building the way and the sixth feature length film which He establishes in Korea. November which there is in the theater can be met.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734732.htm, 2018/10/05 18:03:05]