Leetteuk and DM mistake in the Momo the land molluscum fan Instagram


The group Super Juniors member Leetteuk sends the direct message (DM) to the beat Instagram account of Momo land member molluscum in the wrong way and it is attracting attention. One fan run the beat Instagram account of the molluscum opened the message capture with the writing called 5 days “when it cannot believe (Omg I can’t believe)”s. The detail that it sends the message as “Molluscum” was included in the account which Leetteuk is dug at the revealed placard catalog. For the majority, Leetteuk is seeing the corresponding fan account as the molluscum thing it mistakes actually for the account and sends the message. The Si which Leetteuk, the molluscum and Momo the land member builds plays an active part in ‘2,018 Asia eulogy festival’ which is held on 3rd Busan Yeonjegu Busan Asiad Main Stadium as MC together.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734713.htm, 2018/10/05 17:32:52]