The case aftermath and ‘the revenge pornography’ severe punishment application density of falling rain it finds


While accusing the hair designer most people (27) family in which the group KARA from actor Koo Hara (27) is the whole boyfriend of the suspicion including the sexual harassment, threat, and etc., the voice demanding the powerful punishment about ‘the revenge pornography’ crime is becoming louder. The law firm Sejong who found and is taking care of the legal agent presented the report material on 4th and “the client (koo Hara) accused 27 ex-boyfriend most Ssi of the exemption law violation, threat and enforcement suspicion including the punishment of the sexual assault, and etc. last month” the official position were delivered. The revenge pornography ‘ is the horse in which it tells on the picture of naked body, sexual intercourse movie, and etc. which it circulates in order to revenge the parting sweetheart. Most Ssi reported the content that this day entertainment media dispatch threatened Koo Hara as the sexual intercourse movie. It threatened me with the movie that ” He finds. Admit the hurt which I build with “***” if there is to the female entertainer to be scarier than this. It will be punished. However, he showed the position as the bully boy “. The appeal about the related crime and request is following such as the writing demanding the powerful punishment about ‘the revenge pornography’ crime comes up to the Blue House homepage national petition bulletin board to this kind of news, etc. The relation first national petition text got the motion of 47,200 people standard this day at 5:48 p.m. According to the sexual harassment punishment law the 14 trillion, do the ja which it betrays the body of the other man which can induce the sexual appetite or sense of shame by using the camera to this doctor and the Banpo · sale · offers the photographing product or you display barefacedly, shows can punish with the fine below the penal servitude less than the year 5 or 10 million won? In case of being against this doctor to the post (that time of photographing pseudo and uncrowned) and opening the photographing product the fine less than the penal servitude less than the year 3 or 5 million won follows. It is punished although it ends up in not accomplished. Moreover, if it threatened because of opening, the according to criminal law Intimidation application against can be hit. According to 283 trillion criminal laws, punish with the fine less than the penal servitude less than the year 3 or 5 million won, and etc. in the case of Intimidation.
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