The venn · cannonade flaw love affair and agency “… it is the private life”


The singer venn (27· one’s real name Lee, Yi Eunyeong) was seized by the singer and producer cannonade flaw (30· one’s real name Kim heartburnings is inspired) and love affair. The cutting agency maser court lady showed “when it is difficult to be the artist private life and ask to the reply” the careful position in relation with the love affair which why it cuts in the call on 5th. This day YTN Star reported that it held the music colleagues and many meetings for friendship as the ballad singer whose the venn and cannonade T is the same and developed naturally to the sweetheart. The venn made debut as 3 group women group Bebe Minyong member in 2010. The drama ‘gwishin of 5 I’ ‘and, the misunderstanding the soul’ ‘the moonlight drawing the Gureu U.S’ ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ etc. majority OST was asked. The flaw of cannonade debutting as the single ‘the gib Yoo (Giver You)’ in 2011 is playing an active part as the singer song writer.
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