‘world star’ Yoonchin Kim and ‘the ~ TV is returned in 19 years’


The actor Yoonchin Kim attends in the weekend drama ‘miss bad luck and multiple goddesses’ production presentation which is held in Seoul yangchun-gu mok-dong SBS office building in the afternoon on 5th and it is striking a pose. ‘miss bad luck and multiple goddesses’, that is the work which Yoonchin Kim who is being active in Hollywood returns to TV in 19 years, are the drama put the story which exhibits the excel reasoning power in the process where it visits the true culprit who the woman ‘miss bad luck’ (the Yoonchin Kim) using the false charge that it killed the daughter puts a damper on the daughter and which it solves till the case of the marginal men. On the coming sixth at 9:5 p.m., the first broadcasting schedules
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734700.htm, 2018/10/05 16:07:19]