“by all means,…” With the part arc the former the girlfriend insistence A Ssi and private life width


15 years old wrapper part arc which is appeared in the cable channel Mnet ‘the Syomideo money 777’ was embroiled in controversy by ‘the Mi two exposure’. A Ssi which insists to be the part arc the former girlfriend, published the picture which the writing of the palm pattern disclosing the privacy of the part art on Instagram on 6th and part arc and appearance shoots with the alike person. I was the part arc fan. And the part arc awarded the phone number. A Ssi explained that it informed the home address before and It became the relation of lovers. When a Ssi did that ” (the part) met to me at first time, I refused. When even when you demanded the skinship compulsorily, trying to refusing and the weather against being gone and kissing, I refused. We share your girlfriend became from your fan and it was happy and I looked back. After that, by all means, you were concerned to me who A Ssi didn’t have “the next day you demanded the sexual intercourse” ” contraceptive appliance and who refuse. I spoke as this rape to you and you put no more and insisted. His negligent attitude was and expressed and it had to notice. It exploded in anger to ignore the mind of the like men in this way and step on the miscarry whether it was the how many cruel miscarry. This day part arc wrote on Instagram and explained “it fabricates please and the hurt is not caused”. Presently, it was deleted. In spite of being the young age, the great rap ability was shown and the attention of the world the part arc who is the participant at youngest of 777′ because of being the Syo U.S. dumber was pulled. The rap which has a command of 3 language including Korean Chinese Engilsh, and etc. to be proficient was spread and especially the attention was captivated.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734760.htm, 2018/10/06 10:55:34]