The event restart.’The man ‘ back time change remembered the burning ‘


23. the Pusan International Film Festival told some events restart news and changed matter discontinued the interim due to the typhoon bean ray influence. The Pusan International Film Festival revealed on 6th, the official site “the open talk of the man which attempts the cancellation the decided movie ‘ the bean ray ‘ and ‘ burning ‘ resumes”. ‘the attempting man’, that is the schedule, for, ‘burning’ scheduled for 5:40 p.m. at 3 p.m. was changed to 7 p.m. at 2 p.m. ‘the starvation nose I&II’ ‘construction’ ‘happy city’ ‘blowout’ ‘EFP’ back is the condition where there is no change, the days program is withdrawn. It was known to be reopened through the will strong of the actors that open toe of the burning ‘ is big. 2 actors received the cancellation notice due to the weather altogether but even by means of changing the hour for the waiting fans, it will say attend. The infant phosphorus is sorry for all audience everyone who wait in the Instagram of this day I in ” typhoon for a long time and do the distant step. In order to will decide on the good time together, it will try. The writing was uploaded and it met after a while the meeting with the fans was promised. The movie ‘the Miss white’ ‘maiden performance’ ‘the mother tongue Dan blue’ ‘byeonsan’ female and male murder ‘ etc. are advanced normally from 4 p.m. The place of the stage greeting is planning to progress in the cine mountain first floor in which 2 lera sprout maniac place is not.
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